This week for Tanka Tuesday, we're working on crafting meaningful haiku and senryu. Senryu in English focus on the awkward moments in life making the human, not the world around them, the subject. First in 5-7-5: Parkinson's disease— the shaky termination of old memories ©2021 Colleen M. Chesebro Next in 3-5-3: Parkinsons disease— the shaky … Continue reading #Senryu

“kaze hikaru,” Shining Wind, #haiku

Happy April! This is the first day of National Poetry Month, and my poem a day writing practice. shining wind— pink blossoms eddy in moonbeams ©2021 Colleen M. Chesebro My kigo is "shining wind" kaze hikaru in Japanese. I've followed a 3-5-3 syllable format. April Showers Bring May Flowers