In Memoriam: Sue Vincent

Sue Vincent

It is with a heavy heart I share with you the passing of our friend and poet, Sue Vincent. Sue was a pillar in our poetic community, always ready to jump into a poetry challenge. And, most importantly, she was always there to offer a kind word of encouragement.Through the years, I’d come to love her Midnight Haiku, and other writings about England, a place dear to my heart.

In her honor, I share a double Etheree poem Sue wrote a few years ago that I keep on my desk. This poem is the true essence of Sue’s spirit. May the faeries help her find her way to the other side so that she may find peace. Thanks for being part of our journey. ❤

walked lightly
by those who see
untrammeled beauty
following the pattern
crafted by the architect
even the smallest has its place
in the endless cycle of being
an unbroken chain of relationships
from the feral claw of the predator
to the cooing of the mourning dove
from mountaintop to ocean's depth
each life a star to guide us
towards understanding
eye to eye mirrored
we see ourselves
in the dance

©2019 Sue Vincent

Poet, Jim Webster shares an amazing tribute to Sue HERE.


  1. Such beautiful words from Sue. She is a light that will never be extinguished as she will live on through her inspiring prose. Thank you for sharing, Colleen. I share your heavy heart. Hugs!

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  2. Such a loss is irreparable but poets, singers and actors immortalize themselves through their work Colleen. Whenever we miss them, we return to their poetry or songs to keep them alive. I always feel my favorite singers are alive when I listen to their songs.

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  3. Dear Colleen,

    Thank you for informing us of the passing of Sue Vincent, who had always been a very graceful and amiable human being. She will definitely be missed by those who knew her and her prose well. Her essence will live on in her poems that touch our hearts and minds.

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  4. I didn’t get online yesterday, so I just found out – it’s sad, but I am so glad we all got to share our thoughts and love. It’s a bit selfish of me to put it that way, probably. I’ll miss her, for sure.

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      1. I read “Finding Don & Wen” before her passing, and I’m planning on reading “Joining Don & Wen” soon. It’ll probably help, given that “Finding” had so much of her in it.

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  5. This is such a beautiful poem capturing Sue’s essence and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to have met her because of all of you. It’s hard to imagaine such a beautiful soul is not with us anymore but her spirit is alive in all of us as we write and give thanks for being the incredible writer and human being that she was! 💖

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          1. Yes and that is what made her soooo special and I feel like that is how it is with all of us. While we physically don’t see each other we hold each others hearts and know each others essence which is the true gift!!! I’m excited to read her books 💖

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