How do You Self-Publish a Poetry Book?

Jude, one of our challenge participants, asked me a valuable question. He wanted to know how to self publish a poetry book. (If you have had novel experiences publishing your poetry book, please share in the comments).

This is a brilliant question! I usually compile my manuscript on Microsoft Word, but as a MAC user, I also have Pages which is free. Then, I upload my manuscript to Kindle Create on However, this might not be the way you publish your poetry books.

So… I’ve compiled a few links that will help you on your journey:

Proper Manuscript Formatting: (I would say this is a suggested way to format your poems for submission into contests, publishers, or literary journals). It’s best to follow the directions required by the publisher.

How to Publish a Poetry Book Step by Step:

Kindle Create Tutorial: This link will walk you through using the Kindle Create program on I can only speak for this version. I assume each country’s Amazon has their own links to Kindle Create? If you know differently, please let us know in the comments.

50 Free Writing Software And The Best Free Writing Apps:

  • From the article above: If you are not using Calibre, you should be. It’s one of the best ebook editing tools for authors, and it’s free.

The Best Free Sites To Publish Poetry Online: has a great selection of kindle book cover templates. This is a free site. They also offer classes through their blog to teach you how to use the program.

Consider submitting to a poetry contest for poetry books. Many small presses hold annual contests to attract new talent. Many of these contests are listed in Poets & Writers’ Writing Contests, Grants, & Awards Database.

Poetry Book Publishers:

I’ll create a page to save this information for future reference on Word Craft – Prose & Poetry.


66 Comments on “How do You Self-Publish a Poetry Book?

  1. I’m in the process of self-publishing a poetry book, and I’ve decided to make it super difficult by including photographs. I’ve been able to do all of the formatting myself for different file types, except for fixed EPUB. I’m going to pay IngramSpark to do it if they ever send me the hard copy proof I ordered. I’ll check out the resources to see if I’ve missed anything. Thank you for compiling them.

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  2. Excellent information and links. I think I have read a few of them in the past, though need to update myself. I have made a few poetry books, one was my daughters and one for a local lady where i used to live. They were fun to do. I used Word Docx. I think my daughter did a pocketbook size.

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  3. Thanks for the links. I’ve just finished formatting a paperback and e-book of poems for a member of our writing group and found it a challenge avoiding unwanted breaks in lines. also deciding where to begin the second (and subsequent) page of longer poems depending on whether they face the first page or a differentpoem (this may only make sense if you’ve tried it yourself and seen what I mean). Fortunately my friend isn’t in the habit of making shapes with her lines, which would have been a different nightmare to format. I’ve set up a variety of styles to accommodate longer lines and move short-lined poems further to the centre of the page.
    The e-book is another matter, since we can’t know what font sixe the reader will choose, but I have split all the longer-lined poems (there’s probably a literary term for that…) at a point where lines still make sense on their own, so there is less chance of them runnining onto several lines like prose.
    I discovered when we published our two anthologies that poetry presents a whole different set of challenges from short stories and essays.

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    • Thank you so much for all this information! It is most helpful. Most of my published poetry is syllabic and not long. However, I have some longer pieces in my next book. I found Kindle Create easy to work with for the formatting. I’ll let you know how the new book fares. Best of luck to you. ❤️

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    • Hello Cathy, yeah I’m facing these too. But it helps that I wrote them and know exactly where I’d want a break. However, it’s such a challenge doing it alone, I have syllabic poems in my poetry book like etherees, Shadorma and the like which definitely need visuals on the page, though the syllabic count makes it an automatic shape so all I have to decide is whether to centre on the page or not

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      • Good luck with that. The only problem I can see with an e-book is what happens with a centred line that’s too long when the reader increases the font size? (In fact I feel like trying that and sending it to my kindle to find out.)

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        • I’ll experiment with that myself. The changing of fonts is out of our hands. Most of my syllabic poetry I center on the page. For haibun, it worked fine as well. I’ve considered buying the Vellum program for Mac. It’s a thought. ❤️

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      • I center my syllabic on the page, Jude. For haibun, I only center the haiku portion. I’ve not had issues. I do a page break after each poem. If you add images, Amazon pays you less so keep that in mind. We can control how the poetry looks in the kindle when the print is enlarged.

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  4. Good information Colleen. Of course, I can’t even get to the part of putting things together..I don’t know how everyone finds the time to do all they do. I am always in awe, being someone who can barely manage numbers one and two each day on my list of things to do. (K)

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  5. Thank you so much for posting this Colleen. I’m going to check out all these links. But so far I’ve been told Amazon is quite unfriendly to people not in the US or in the UK. With royalties and all that. As for the formatting, I’ve been trying all types since my poetry book is themed and it has enough free verse, a plethora of syllabic poems, and a few short stories that cover upto 2 or 3 pages each, sonnets and the like, etherees and nonets that need the visual upon the page.

    I’m a bit scared about the Amazon because of setting up the accounts, and apparently, royalties begin coming in after the first 100 copies are sold, so that’s pretty steep

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  6. It does get tricky with poetry and pictures included. I didn’t attempt to format either of my books that have poetry. I had to keep to cost higher for the print copies because of images, which I don’t like to do. My next poetry book I will be doing the formatting myself and you have some good information here to check out then. Thanks, Colleen:)

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  7. This is all so useful, everyone, thank you! I’ve really been wanting to publish my poetry for my gran but I don’t even know where to start. This helps! Thank you for sharing! 😆

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  8. Colleen what a wonderful article packed with great information. I have bookmarked this page. I have published one book, but I wish I would have had some of this information to help guide me. It was my first book and I made mistakes, I plan on doing a second edition of the book. My problem was learning how to format the book right.

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    • Brenda, my first book was a YA fiction story dear to my heart. I recently took it down because after many years, I’ve decided to rewrite the story. That’s what we do… we learn and apply what we’ve learned. I owe that to myself and my readers. ❤

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