Welcome to our weekly poetry stars celebration. This week’s challenge was to choose synonyms for the words, “loose and tight,” using one of these forms: Haiku, Senryu, Haiga, Tanka, Gogyohka, Haibun, Tanka Prose, Renga, Solo-Renga, Cinquain, and its variations, Etheree, Nonet, Shadorma, Badger Hexastich (hexastich for short), and Abhanga.

Remember… the first of the month you have the opportunity to write any syllabic poetry form of your choice. The rest of the time, we write our syllabic poetry in one of the forms listed, and we follow a schedule (posted below). I do this for a couple of reasons. Those of you who would like to enter contests or submit your poetry to literary journals are required to follow their rules. This challenge gives you that practice. Besides, why enter a challenge if you don’t follow the rules? That’s the challenge part. ❤

Many thanks to everyone who joined in below:

1.ladyleemanila10.Laura McHarrie19.The Versesmith
2.Henry. C11.D. L. Finn20.Jude
3.Trent McDonald12.Myrna at myforever21.Vashti Quiroz- Vega
4.theindieshe13.Anita Dawes22.Ruth
5.Ritu Bhathal14.kittysverses23.M J Mallon
6.s. s.15.Cheryl24.Sally Cronin
7.willowdot2116.Gwen Plano25.Annette Rochelle Aben
8.Dave Madden17.Erlyn Olivia26.Kerfe Roig

I’m having WordPress issues again. My Safari browser won’t let me log in to most of your blogs, including my own. I have a workaround for now, but it only works part of the time. I’ll tackle this issue with WP tomorrow. I REFUSE to use Google Chrome. My MAC does not do well with that browser. Anyway, bear with me.

ALSO: Make sure you are grabbing the URL of your “published” post when you link back to the challenge and in Mr. Linky. I had two links this week that I couldn’t find the poetry for. If you need extra help with these features, let me know and I will help you. ❤

I was totally blown away by your poetry this week. Good job everybody! Ultimately, I chose Sally Cronin’s butterfly cinquain, “Fate’s Voice,” to be our star of the week.

This week, I’ve asked Sally Cronin to choose the two words for next month’s #SynonymsOnly challenge. Please email your words to me at least a week before the challenge to tankatuesdaypoetry@gmail.com. Thanks.

Fate’s Voice

the mind wanders
to explore the ‘what ifs’
of decisions made long ago
in life
designed to be inflexible
without the give and take
to allow fate
its voice.

©Sally Cronin 2021

See you tomorrow for the NEW Challenge!

44 thoughts on “TANKA TUESDAY POETRY STARS | #SYNONYMSOnly for “Loose & Tight”

  1. Wonderful turn out, Colleen, and congrats to Sally. I use Vivaldi as my browser and love that I can configure it to suit my needs. Firefox is my backup and Google Chrome is out the door! I got rid of Gmail and Twitter and have no regrets.

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    1. I loved Vivaldi but couldn’t log into WP with it. If safari gives me more trouble I might try to use it again. What do you use instead of gmail? I’m open to a new service. I was hacked while on Firefox so I quit using it years ago. Now, we have to be so careful. Thanks, Franci. You always share such useful information. ❤️

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      1. I use Runbox.com for my email. It is a bit more tedious but I feel it is much more secure – https://runbox.com. I haven’t had any problems logging into WP except it was a bit different, especially using a new email system. Now I have no problems at all.

        Note, when I changed my email service, I had to move my files one by one because they wouldn’t transfer. It took a while since I have a lot files and I had to notify all of my contacts of the change. We pay our utilities, etc. online and even though it was a time-consuming task, it was worth it. ❤️

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          1. I set up files within my email system for everything rather than keep paper files (even though I keep some paper files). For example Ga Power, Verizon, AT&T, Amazon, etc. Even though our utilities are automatic withdrawal, they send a notification which I move to file until the it clears the bank. I have approx. 30 files set up in runbox. I learned this when I was employed and it stuck with me. It’s a simple way for me to keep track of stuff.

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                1. Thanks, Franci. I had to switch back to dynamic news. I tried using Tortuga, but there is something not right for me with that theme. WP said to switch back and everything starting working again. ❤

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                    1. I agree. After seven years (I started in April of 2014) the themes are still the same in premium. In fact, some are gone entirely. I wish they would create some new themes for those of us who write poetry. LOL! 😀

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                    2. Me too, Colleen! I change themes frequently just to get a new feel for my blog but there is not too much to choose from in premium and I can’t justify paying for the business plan.

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                    3. Some time ago, I read in one WP’s newsletters that they were going to come out with new themes, which they have but they don’t have much personality.

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