Spirit Invasion. A garland cinquain collaboration

Jude shares a layer to our challenge: He asks for Cinquain Collaborators! How cool is that?

tales told different

There was a time we did not believe.
When mist was merely moisture,
And the distant rumble in the night,
Was but thunder from afar.
There was a time all shadows were bound to objects.
Shaped by light,
Afraid of darkness.

That time is no more.
Now we have seen
Now we have felt
And now we are aware
But so are they!

Ice cold
Back and forth those,
eyes hastily juggle
Cries of flocking bats, cut through pained-

They prowl lost caves
Tunneling beneath us
And the earth rumbles in disgust

defiant, that
swarm from quarters unknown.
Beyond the grey mountains rustle
Up wind

The veil
Nature’s facade
Ripped from valley to peak
Evil catching the scent of good!

The changing winds
Things, more than meets the eye
Red alleyways of serpentine-

Ice cold
They prowl lost caves
Swarm from quarters unknown

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15 thoughts on “Spirit Invasion. A garland cinquain collaboration

    1. Jude, you have your own poetic voice and work well with others!! 😉
      Did you want to continue this piece or start something new and different with anyone who’ll play?
      Traditionally tanka and renga were alternate voices – I’d be happy to try something like that with you 😀
      Jude, email me anytime!! I’d even try different short forms like Elfje or American lunes.
      Cheers, Jules

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        1. I’ve collaborated with others for alternating flash fiction (one person was going to put it into a book…not sure what ever happened to that), also with short verse, but when it got too long with more than two people it got a tad confusing. It is always a fun challenge. Because one only knows the directions they’ll take which can alter with any additions from the other person 😀

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          1. OOOh… anytime, short forms (or one type anyway…) at noon (preferably under the shade of a poetree). 😉
            And it isn’t anything that has to be posted – just for fun. Up until, if, and when completed. 😉

            Liked by 1 person

          2. Via email, sure. Renga sounds good – I’m trying to think of the best day. Do you have a preference? Do you want the haiku part or the 2 (7,7) lines or mix it up by taking turns doing tanka… in series.

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          3. I’d like to do the renga for a bit so we can publish our work to show others how to do it. I love the collaboration between poets. I’ll do the first haiku, you follow. Then you do the next haiku, and I’ll follow. That should mix it up. How about Thursday? Does that work for you? I’m happy to give you posting access on Word Craft so you can add to the post… or we can email and compile a post after a month or so. Whatever works for you. This will be fun. 😀

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          4. I think working in an email first. I thought with a renga the haiku was followed by two lines of 7,7 syllables, then followed by another haiku. But if it is just a haiku series?? That would work. I’ll look for your email 😀

            Liked by 1 person

          5. Thursday? I’ll add it to my calendar. Yes, you send me the first haiku, I’ll follow with the two lines. Next week, I’ll send you a haiku, and you follow with the two lines. Back and forth. Never a dull moment. 😀 ❤

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