Kerfe Roig picked an impressive pair of words for us to work with this week for our #SynonymsOnly challenge: “mingle and drift.”

Here’s everyone who joined in:

1.rogblog6668.The Versesmith15.Pat R
3.willowdot2110.Padre17.Merril D. Smith
4.Dave Madden11.Christine18.Kerfe Roig
5.Trent McDonald12.anita dawes19.Ruth Scribbles
6.Jules13.Aphrodite Beamish20.Colleen Chesebro
7.Ritu Bhathal14.Donna Matthews  

Remember, when you add your post to Mr. Linky, it needs to be the address of your published post. The short link doesn’t work. I managed to find you through the ping-backs and corrected Mr. Linky.

Many heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined in. There were some great poems this week. YOU GUYS ARE

Check out Aphrodite Beamish’s shadorma. If there is anything we need more of, its humor.

I also enjoyed Kerfe Roig’s reverse nonet. Her art work was done on rice paper, which I think is spectacular. One of my favorite textures.

Merril D. Smith’s shadorma sequence is filled with the rich imagery of the first night of Hanukkah.

Jude’s crown cinquain showed great creativity by adding bits of prose between the cinquain stanzas. He says, “I write this so we may not judge all those who may not conform to society’s expectations of what life or love should be.

See you tomorrow for the new challenge!


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