Our theme prompt for this week came from Sue Vincent. She selected one of her own haiku for us to use as inspiration for our own syllabic poetry:

clouds cover the moon, 
beyond dawn's pale horizon 
sun rises unseen  

©2020 Sue Vincent

I love using another piece of poetry as inspiration. Our perceptions are all different and there were many ways you could look at the poem. Congratulations everyone. You all did a fabulous job!

1.Reena Saxena7.Bella13.Sue Vincent
2.Padre8.My Forever. blog14.kittysverses
3.Trent McDonald9.anita dawes15.Jude
4.Jules10.Anne Davis16.Colleen Chesebro
5.Dave Madden11.Donna Matthews17.M J Mallon
6.Ritu Bhathal12.theindieshe18.Kerfe Roig

This week Padre’s poetry caught my attention. He chose the line from Sue’s haiku: “sun rises unseen” as his prompt.  He created a double mirrored cinquain (two mirrored cinquains).

A mirror cinquain comprises two five-line stanzas consisting of a Crapsey cinquain (five-line, non-rhyming poem featuring a syllable structure of 2/4/6/8/2) followed by a reverse cinquain (syllabic pattern of two, eight, six, four, two).

Congratulations, Padre! You get to select the theme for next month’s #theme challenge. Please email me at tankatuesdaypoetry@gmail.com with your idea. Thank you.

Halloween, Tree, Silhouette, Moon, Fog, Bats, Creepy

“Night Dwellers,” Double Mirrored Cinquain

Night time 
The darkest realm
The nocturnal dwellers
Scarcely aware of the coming

A place by night dwellers eschewed
They prepare for their sleep
In the dawn hour’s

Night time
The darkest realm
The nocturnal dwellers
Unaware of the coming sun
Spread wings

Is the bright times of the daylight
For they in darkness rest
At the sunrise
They sleep

©2020 Padre

source: https://padresramblings.wordpress.com/2020/11/24/night-dwellers/

See you for the new challenge tomorrow!

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  1. Padre’s verse reminded me of some indigenous peoples like those who live at the bottom of the Grand Canyon who have nought been topside their whole lives… And really if all they need is there where they are??

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