Diana Peach’s selection for our Ekphrastic PhotoPrompt is an image by John Bauer, whose artwork is concerned with landscape and mythology. There is so much emotion in this one piece. It spoke to all of us.

Many congratulations to everyone who joined in!

1.Reena Saxena8.D. L. Finn15.Vashti Quiroz- Vega
2.Trent McDonald9.s. s.16.H. R.R. Gorman
3.My Forever. blog10.anita dawes17.M J Mallon
4.willowdot2111.Dolores18.Kerfe Roig
6.Dorinda Duclos13.Jude20.Colleen Chesebro
7.D. Wallace Peach14.Goutam Dutta  

Please check out everyone’s poetry. There is something here for everyone. Read: Jude, Kerfe, and Diana’s poetry for that little something extra. Read MJ Mallon’s poem and take a trip on the dark side!

This week I selected Dolores from Ada’s Poetry. I enjoyed her senryu and tanka, all inspired by the above image.

Congratulations, Dolores, it’s your turn to pick challenge name for next month’s challenge. Please Email me your choice at tankatuesdaypoetry@gmail.com before next month’s challenge.

in the deep pool a woman
becomes a child

enchanted weald
the tree nymph
become a real girl
love given to false-hearted 
doomed to sorrow and pain
woodland brook
dryad plays shelters
lost faun

©2020 Ada's Poetry

source: https://adaspoetryalcove2.wordpress.com/2020/11/19/tanka-tuesday-ekphrastic-photoprompt/


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