Each week our challenge has a twist and this week it was to find synonyms for the words: “imagine & gratitude.” Kat Myrman selected some fine words. Congratulations to all the poets who participated. You are all stars!

Here’s everyone that joined in:

1.Padre 7.Dave Madden 13.Kerfe Roig 
2.Trent 8.Cheryl 14.Donna Matthews 
3.willowdot21 9.Goutam Dutta 15.M J Mallon 
4.Jules 10.anita dawes 16.Linda Lee Lyberg 
5.Kat 11.Elizabeth Adams 17.Pat R 
6.Larry Trasciatti 12.s. s. 18.

Shadorma poems seem to dominate the stage this week. There were so many great poems. I could barely choose just one poem.

Ultimately, I went with Kerfe Roig‘s shadorma, “VETERANS DAY NYC 2020” There was a poignancy there not only for Veteran’s Day, but for the whole of 2020. Kerfe’s word, “ghost-boots” lends imagery to her words. I could hear the ghostly clicking of heels marching down the street in formation. This shadorma really touched my heart.

Congratulations, Kerfe, it’s your turn to pick the synonyms for next month’s challenge. Please Email me your choice at tankatuesdaypoetry@gmail.com before next month’s challenge.


salutes spaced
between vehicles–
ghost-boots march
in formation—echos caught
in mind’s eye–the tears

©2020 Kerfe Roig

Kerfe adds:

“As with seemingly every celebration in 2020, the Veteran’s Day parade today here in NYC was largely symbolic–”a caravan of 100 vehicles with no spectators”–a shadow of the usual ceremony of 20-30,000 participants.”

source: https://kblog.blog/2020/11/11/veterans-day-nyc-2020/

See you tomorrow for the new challenge!


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