What an exciting week it has been. The American election process is almost over, and we have a President Elect Biden, and the first WOMAN Vice President Elect, Kamala Harris! I’m proud to be an American, again.

My news pales in comparison. The gypsy’s are on the move once again. After an interesting series of events, we’ve put our house up for sale and are moving to Michigan. I grew up in Wisconsin, so for me this will be like going home. The real estate market is hot here in Arizona and in Michigan. It just made little sense to wait until spring and maybe miss out on the interest rates. We have several friends in Michigan, so it will be fun to know some folks for a change. As usual with us, things move fast. I’ll keep you all in the loop. It will be interesting driving cross-country with kitty-girl, Freyja. ❤

Congratulations to all the Tanka Tuesday Poetry Stars from this week:

1.Kim9.D. L. Finn17.Sue Vincent
2.Trent McDonald10.Reena Saxena18.Linda Lee Lyberg
3.Padre11.Gwen Plano19.Ken Gierke / rivrvlogr
4.Jules12.willowdot2120.Kerfe Roig
5.Dave Madden13.Donna Matthews21.kat
6.Cheryl14.Annette Rochelle Aben22.
7.My Forever. blog15.Goutam Dutta  
8.s. s.16.anita dawes  

See you tomorrow for the new challenge!


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