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I did a bit of search and found some new information about the Classic Editor and the new editor. It sounds like they are phasing in the new editor and we will receive emails as to those dates.

This paragraph caught my eye:

“There are exciting new features in the pipeline that require the new WordPress editor. It’s not technically possible to retrofit them into the older, Classic editor, and we want to make sure everyone can take advantage of them as they become available. With all users publishing with the Block editor, all users always have the latest and greatest.


From the post:

“With the introduction of the Block editor, the Classic Editor was set for retirement at the beginning of June. We pushed that back a bit to make time for more changes that ease the transition to the Block editor — and now it’s time!

The WordPress editor empowers you to create pages and posts by layering multiple blocks on top of each other. It’s versatile, intuitive, and boasts exciting new features, including:

  • Over 100 content blocks available for publishing.
  • A growing collection of block patterns.
  • Dozens of beautiful built-in page templates.
  • Styles you can customize directly within the editor.

If you’d rather stick with the Classic editor experience — the one you used before we introduced the editor a few years ago — no worries. With the new and improved Classic block, you have the best of both editors: the flexibility and stability of the Block editor, and the Classic editor interface, you know.

From August 11 on, all accounts will start to switch from Classic editor to the new Block editor. It will happen in phases, and you’ll get an email to let you know to expect the change.”

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Source: The Classic Editing Experience is Moving, Not Leaving – The Blog

45 thoughts on “The Classic Editing Experience is Moving, Not Leaving – The Blog

  1. Thanks for this info. I cant even say that I like this new editor in fact I hate it. Far too much hassle to even bother with.But its not the first time something that is preferred is done away with.

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    1. I hear more folks say they hate it, than say they like it. I’ve been using it for two years now. I don’t hate it. It has some good and bad. It takes longer to use, and that would be my number one complaint. Some things we can’t change. Technology moves forward and so must we, whether we like it or not. I guess there is always Blogger to retreat to. However, many of the new blogging platforms are harder to use than WP. ❤

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      1. Yea It does take longer than I like to post also it messes up my Poetry form and style a lot which irrates an old guy like me LoL I hope I can get used to this set up in time But just hope for now.

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    1. I think we all will all be forced to use the new editor sooner, rather than later. To have a “block” to use that is the old editor doesn’t make sense to me. However, when I do “press this,” it still comes up in the old editor. So, I don’t know. I would think the free accounts, and the accounts will have to switch. It’s not that horrible. It’s “change” that is the harder pill to swallow. What choices do we have? ❤

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      1. I don’t write in the editor anyway, I write my content in word and save it on my hard drive so I can use it again 🙂
        So actually the new blocks are just a faff and take more time. So far I’ve not come across any benefits, but at least it’s not taking me much longer to do a post

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  2. You are so good to keep everyone informed.
    It’s just irritating. No one needs all those choices. They are just trying to justify their jobs. And being condescending to boot. (K )

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  3. 100 blocks are too many to scan through when you want to find one that formats as you want. The Classic Block is quicker.
    Also, when you find one – and the verse block is an example – it does things you don’t want it to too, such as putting the whole thing in italics.
    I have a nasty feeling the Classic Block too will be mothballed in time. It’s too easy to just write your whole post in one.

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    1. You’re welcome. I just set up a blog in blogger… it took five minutes and runs like the old editor did. I’ve seen many posts about people leaving and going back to blogger. I’m not crazy about the block editor but it does have some cool features. If you are challenged by technology, I can see where this would be intimidating. I miss the old editor too.

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      1. I’ve thought about Blogger but I would miss my followers. I was reading an article in one of WP’s blogs and it’s not just bloggers that don’t like the new editor. Theme designers and vendors don’t like it either.

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        1. If anyone can figure this out, you can. I’ve been using the new editor for almost two years. It is not that difficult… just cumbersome and it definitely takes longer to create a post. The old editor block is to pacify everyone that is mad about the changes… (my opinion). Some of the blocks are pretty cool. I can share a bunch of book reviews in one block for a series now. The verse block is finally fixed! It’s just a lot for non-techie types to learn. I jumped right in because I want nothing to hold me back. LOL! 😀

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