“Apocalypse Now” #Haibun

For my weekly syllables only poetry challenge this week, I’ve written this haibun using scented for the word, hint; and bright, for the the word, bold.

Image Credit: Todd Chesebro, San Francisco, CA

“Apocalypse Now” #Haibun

Is the myth of an Apocalypse a reality? Has mankind finally finished decimating our planet? The mother goddess is screaming out to anyone who will listen. Shhh… if you close your eyes and listen, you will hear her keening wail. Her voice carries on the wind.

Plagues, inland storms with the strength of hurricanes, fires that never stop burning, smoke so thick it chokes you… what will it take for us to wake up and realize climate change is real? When will we believe the truth? How much more proof do we need?

smoke scented sky haze
bright birds hide in confusion
waiting for the sun

©2020 Colleen M. Chesebro

Image Credit: Todd Chesebro, San Francisco, CA

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64 thoughts on ““Apocalypse Now” #Haibun”

    1. The smoke here in Arizona is nothing like the rest of the west coast is dealing with. It’s hazy here. The smoke acts like a cloud cover. You know when you get an eclipse? The birds and animals act strangely? That is how my morning walks are now. <3

  1. It has been scary last week. It is a little better today, I sun was out for 5 minutes, breathing is still difficult. However, some of the wildfires have been caused by arsonists, who were arrested, but it’s not going to give back all that is lost.

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  3. D.L. Finn, Author

    Well done Colleen. I can’t believe we even have to debate what is so obvious. It is scary what’s going on and I can heard the scream.

  4. The proof is clearly in the pudding but there are those who choose to ignore it and simply won’t eat it, pushing it aside. They will drown in it in the end! Lovely poem Colleen, really drives home the power of the situation people find themselves in nowadays. By sharing our art and message to the world, I hope that we can all eventually make a difference where it counts before it is too late.

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