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COLLEEN’S 2020 #BOOK #REVIEWS – “Viking Sagas, The Captivating Tale of Ragnar Lothbrok, Ivar the Boneless, Lagertha, and More, in Their Historical Context” BY AUTHOR, Matt Clayton, @CaptivHistory

Featuring Your Next Weekend Read! About this Book Explore Captivating Viking Sagas The period between the end of the eighth century CE and the middle of the eleventh is often called the “Viking Age” because this is the period in which Scandinavian people expanded their contacts with the outside world through trade, raiding, exploration, and colonization. This volume presents a

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WELCOME TO TANKA TUESDAY! It’s the fifth Tuesday of the month! This is our chance to work with a specific syllabic poetry form. So, take this opportunity to learn more about the particular form. You can use any subject, theme, or words to convey your message. This week’s form is: TANKA Here’s a quick review of the tanka form: TANKA

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Saddle Up Saloon; TUFF Topics With Charli Mills

Originally posted on Carrot Ranch Literary Community:
“Kid, seems like yer fine’ly gittin’ yer acts t’gether, even if ya are repeatin’ some a ‘em.” “Pal, did you know this is the twenty-eighth?” “Yeah, Kid, I know today’s the twenty-eighth of September. Monday. A new show at the Saddle Up!” “No, this is our twenty-eighth show since we started the saloon.…

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WEEKLY POETRY CHALLENGE STARS | #ThemeChallenge: The Night Sky: Marsha Ingrao

Franci Hoffman from Eugi’s Causerie II selected the theme for us this week. The night sky was her pick, and it generated an amazing amount of poetry. Bravo, everyone. You kept me enthralled all week. ❤ Here’s everyone who joined in this week via Mr. Linky: 1. Padre 11. Jules 21. Dorinda Duclos 2. s. s. 12. Ken Gierke / rivrvlogr

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COLLEEN’S 2020 #BOOK #REVIEWS – “The Sincerest Form of Poetry,” BY AUTHOR, Geoff Le Pard, @geofflepard

Featuring Your Next Weekend Read! About this Book An anthology of poems, inspired by the top 100 British poems and a love of sonnets. “All of life in one easy couplet“ “To write poetry, I need inspiration. Often that comes from my appreciation of the craftsmanship of other, better poets, whose skills I aspire to emulate. For this anthology,

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WELCOME TO TANKA TUESDAY! Happy Mabon! Today is the Autumnal Equinox! It’s the fourth week of the month! Are you ready for a theme prompt? Franci Hoffman, aka Eugi’s Causerie II, from last month’s challenge picked the theme. This month’s theme is: The Night Sky On the Monday before the next challenge, I’ll select a poem and share it on

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