Kerfe Roig selected the theme for this week: MAPS. Who knew this one word would inspire such great poetry? You all deserve a huge round of applause for your poetic endeavors.


Here’s everyone who joined in via Mr. Linky:

1.willowdot2111.Jules21.anita dawes
2.Reena Saxena12.Pat R22.s. s.
3.Ruth Scribbles13.Sue Vincent23.Linda Lee Lyberg
4.Trent McDonald14.Jude24.Padre
5.Elizabeth15.Kim25.Traci Kenworth
6.kittysverses16.Eugenia26.Merril D. Smith
7.Myforever. blog17.Raivenne27.Sally Cronin
8.Goutam Dutta18.Marsha Ingrao28.Annette Rochelle Aben
9.Ken Gierke / rivrvlogr19.D. L. Finn29.Colleen Chesebro
10.Dave Madden20.Donna Matthews30. David Ellis

This week I selected Franci Hoffman from Eugi’s Causeria II to select the theme for September’s theme challenge! I can’t wait to see what she comes up with!

Congratulations, Franci, its your turn to pick the theme prompt for next month’s challenge. Please Email me your choice at before next month’s challenge.

maps of my pursuits

life’s questions commanding me

invoking wisdom

©2020 Franci Hoffman

source: #Haiku – Charting the course

See you tomorrow for a new challenge!

28 thoughts on “WEEKLY POETRY CHALLENGE STARS | #192 Theme prompt – MAPS: Franci Hoffman

  1. Colleen, I’m thrilled and so glad you liked my poem! 🤗 I will be around to read everyone’s work and also select a theme for the next month’s challenge. Thank you for making my Monday sunny and bright! ❤️

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  2. Reblogged this on Eugi's Causerie I and commented:
    I’m thrilled my work was selected by Colleen at Word Craft Prose & Poetry for her Weekly Poetry Challenge. Be sure to read the work from others that participated in the challenge –

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  3. I like maps. Fun to think of house floor plans as little maps too.
    I hope to find some time to read some of the wonderful writers you have in the Linky.
    I’ve read some and am looking forward to more.

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