Aishwarya, from Kitty’s Verses, picked a great pair of words for us all to work with this week for our #PhotoPrompt challenge. How many of you could have written more than one poem from this image? There was so much here… train tracks, the color green, desolation, leaving, coming, etc. Lots to unpack in this image!

I’m always thrilled each week to see what you all come up with. There is so much creativity! Congratulations to everyone who joined in. You’ve all out done yourselves this week! Here’s everyone who joined in via Mr. Linky:

1.Padre9.Jude17.Merril D. Smith
2.Reena Saxena10.anita dawes18.Myforever. blog
3.Goutam Dutta11.Sue Vincent19.Traci Kenworth
4.Elizabeth12.lisa thomson20.M J Mallon
5.Jane Dougherty13.Jules21.Vashti Quiroz- Vega
6.willowdot2114.Linda Lee Lyberg22.Sally Cronin
7.Trent McDonald15.D.G. Kaye23.theindieshe
8.D. L. Finn16.Robbie Cheadle24.Colleen Chesebro

This week I selected Lisa Thompson and her senryu poem, called “Envy.”

Congratulations, Lisa Thompson, its your turn to pick the photo for next month’s #PhotoPrompt challenge. Please Email me your choice at before next month’s challenge. Thank you.


train of assured thoughts
veers off the parallel tracks
I’m green with envy

©2020 Lisa Thompson


See you tomorrow for the new challenge!

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