Blog Update 8/6/2020: “Cantaloupe” #haiku

As my Sister of the Fey, Debby Gies said to me, “Oy Vey, what a week it’s been! I apologize for all the blog craziness. WordPress is working through the issues and my posts have migrated over from the business plan. I’m still missing my Pages and featured images. Anyway, we’ll muddle through and I’ll keep cleaning up my blog. It was time to update some things, anyway.

In the meantime, here is a haiku for the Poet’s Choice Challenge with a kigo which means “season word” in Japanese. Kigo are used to define the time of the year, and they are valuable in providing economy of expression. Since haiku are mostly nature related, the use of a kigo sets the theme for your poem.

leaves kissed by the sun
lazy, hazy summertime
sweet melons ripen

©2020 Colleen M. Chesebro

In Phoenix, and my part of the desert in northern Buckeye, we’ve had gruesome heat. For over 32 days in a row we’ve recorded temperatures at 110 degrees F. or higher, breaking most of the old records. My garden has suffered and I’ve lost several plants even though they’re connected to the drip system in my back garden. I’ll wait until this fall to replace them.

On a whim, I threw out some cantaloupe seeds a few months back. Surprise! They sprouted and grew. I hope we get a few nice melons out of the batch.

Enjoy the rest of the rest of your week. The cover reveal for my new book, Word Craft ~ Prose & Poetry: The Art of Crafting Syllabic Poetry is almost ready! Stay tuned.


    1. The missing pages… yikes. I have to recreate everything. That is difficult. The featured images isn’t the end of the world. LOL! Some things you just have to roll with. Hugs to you, my Willow, Sis. ❤


          1. Plodding along, I see the surgeon September 1st, I hope he will have news on my operation by then. The drain and bag are stressful it will of been in three months by September first.
            It’s started coming apart now and I keep having to fix it . Hey ho! 💜💜💜

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    1. It was around 76 degrees F. this morning for my early walk (6:45 am). It felt so lovely! We’re not getting the monsoons like normal so our humidity levels are low. Only 106 F. today! Stay cool, Olga. I’m looking forward to trying these melons when they are ripe. ❤


  1. Those melons look good. The tropical storm brought us some relief from the heat, though it took down both trees and electricity. My outage was brief, thank goodness. (K)

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    1. Oh, no! I saw some of my New Jersey friends suffered tree losses, as well. I heard this year they’ve predicted an active hurricane season. Oh, boy! Just what we need! Glad you’re safe, and no long lasting damage. ❤

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