Many thanks to Sue Vincent, who gave us an amazing theme to work with this week:

“Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth.”

Herman Hesse

Thank you for all of your hard work! Your poetry was amazing! I want to share a few highlights because we learn so much from each other!

Check out these poems:

Elizabeth from Tea & Paper I love what’s not said in this in tanka. The reader draws their own conclusions.

Sue Vincent She reveals the mystery of the trees.

Frank Tassone Shares an unknown form for most of us called a kyoka! It’s a relative to the tanka. I’ll have to investigate this one in more detail.

Here’s who joined in via Mr. Linky:

1.Jude9.Sue Vincent17.theindieshe
2.Padre10.Amit Agrawal18.Merril D. Smith
3.Trent McDonald11.anita dawes19.Colleen Chesebro
4.Elizabeth12.Jules20.Linda Lee Lyberg
5.willowdot2113.Kim21.Annette Rochelle Aben
6.Dave Madden14.Pat R22.Sally Cronin
7.Ken Gierke / rivrvlogr15.Kerfe Roig23.Frank J. Tassone
8.s. s.16.anita dawes24.Vashti Vega

This was a hard challenge to only pick one poet to highlight. I selected Kerfe’s poem, “The Chorus of Everywhere,” because of the powerful imagery in her words.

Each stanza leads you to a different thought. The poem features a beginning, middle, and an end which serves as the climax. Sequence, shorter form poetry is perfect for arranging your thoughts so each stanza flows into the next and defining your theme.

This shadorma sequence is all about our own awakening, as she includes a sincere appeal to stop and take notice of our world. When you read the poem, you feel the truth of her words resonate in your soul.

Congratulations, Kerfe Roig, it’s your turn to pick the theme for next month’s challenge. Please Email me your choice at before next month’s challenge.

"the chorus of everywhere"

stop making
are without
journey does not follow roads
to faraway lands

look around
at the familiar
water, stone,
the patterns of trees joining
wings to earth and sky

listen to
the stillness of no
suspend all
expectations—what you need
is already here

©2020 Kerfe Roig

source: the chorus of everywhere

SEE you tomorrow for the new challenge!

33 thoughts on “Weekly Poetry Challenge Stars | Theme Prompt #188

  1. Congratulations to Merge for your beautiful words, to Sue, Elizabeth and Frank for your great entries too, also special thanks to Sue for the love quote on trees.
    As always thank you Colleen for giving us all so much encouragement and inspiration.💜


  2. All great choices Colleen, don’t know how you do it. Congrats to Kerfe!! 😊


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