#Fairy #Tarot #Friday ~ July 10, 2020

Welcome to Fairy Tarot Friday. Each Friday I’ll share a card from the Fairy Tarot deck by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine, featuring an uplifting message from the fey. I’ll also include a bit of syllabic poetry inspired by the card reading.

The Major Arcana contains 22 cards that describe major events and turning points in our lives (marriage, pregnancy, relationship and career changes, and overcoming personal challenges). The Major Arcana cards also represent the different phases from childhood to old age.

Doreen Virtue numbered the Minor Arcana cards to comprise four suits representing different aspects of human life. They number the Minor Arcana cards 1 (Ace) through 10, plus the four court cards (Princess, Prince, Queen, and King). The Minor Arcana reflects the day-to-day aspects of our lives and the people in them. Court cards represent either a situation or a person during a reading.

The Minor Arcana comprises four suits. In traditional Tarot they are; wands, cups, swords, and coins. In Fairy Tarot, the four suits reflect the seasons: Spring for wands, Summer for cups, Winter for swords, and Autumn for coins. In Angel Tarot, the seasons represent the four elements: fire = spring, water = summer, air = winter, and earth = autumn. Consider these elements in relation to the Fairy Tarot, as well.

The divinatory meanings are given for upright cards only—this tarot is not intended for reversed readings.

Once you get to know the fairies, you’ll see they are strong-willed environmentalists. They get perturbed at people who mistrust animals or the earth. Never lie to a fairy. Instead, help them take care of the planet and other living beings. Do your part. Your actions will richly reward you, and the fairies will encourage you in amazing ways.

Today’s Card ~ The Nine of Spring

Happy Fairy Tarot Friday! Do you remember last week we celebrated our accomplishments by rejoicing in our successes from dedication and self discipline with the Chariot card?

Well, this week, it seems logical that we would find ourselves at the place where we need to protect those accomplishments. The Nine of Spring reminds us that as our hard work pays off and we have more to show for our efforts, it’s imperative that we look after the fruits of our labors.

We all know the energy in the universe can be intense with all the happenings in our world. Between the Corona Virus pandemic and people losing jobs because of the virus, we also have an awakening of human rights awareness (or lack thereof) resonating around the world. Here in America we’ve got our hands full.

My advice is every morning as you begin your day, ask your god(s), the angels, and even the fairies to protect you from negative people and energies. Try to see both sides of a situation with compassion and intelligence. I know you’re up to the task!

This card also shines a light on the environmentalists and those who love all the plants and animals provided to us by the mother goddess (Mother Earth).

The Nine of Spring reminds us to stand up for important causes, such as protecting wildlife, the oceans, and our food sources.

Notice the beautiful fairy who stands in defense of the newly blossoming daffodils in her garden. Joined by her ladybug friends, she shows unity with nature in her cause.

Additional meanings of this card: Protect what you’ve created. Prepare for challenges that lie ahead. Having a strong immune system. Keeping your resolve.

Protect the Fruits of Your Labors

stay aware—
look for challenges
wear a mask!

©2020 Colleen M. Chesebro

13 thoughts on “#Fairy #Tarot #Friday ~ July 10, 2020

  1. What a fun card. I found two feathers last week a crow and a blue jay, both in my yard.
    I’ve been taking it a little slow with all the rain. Today’s has been gentle so I’ve actually done some cooking ~ I made some onion soup, potato salad, hard boiled eggs and homemade potato chips (using a mandolin slicer).
    None of which will last long even with just the two of us at home. 😀

    In case you didn’t see… I wrote this about the moth that got away – At least the garden wall protected it until it could be free:
    no witnesses
    time; a little off
    that moth on the garden wall
    came out, flew away

    perhaps it was the moth that
    passed by my arm yesterday

    with a brief flutter
    of thanks for the shelter there
    I can believe, so


    There is only so much we can protect. With everything changing in the ‘new’ environment ~ The walk in barber my neighbor uses only takes appointments now. And there is no indoor waiting space. At least my Vet friend doesn’t look like an elf anymore! And while waiting I went up to the Little free Library to deposit some and withdraw a book 😀

    Stay cool and stay safe, Jules


    1. Sounds so lovely, Jules. I’m working on the book. It’s so hot right now and my poor garden is suffering. We’re staying in. Arizona is full of the virus! Better to stay put. Stay safe my friend. Rain sounds lovely. ❤️


  2. Protection is important for sure. Not only of our accomplishments, but of ourselves and our families as well. Thank you for sharing this beautiful card, Colleen!


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