Fairies, Myths, & Magic ~ A Summer Celebration is on Sale

I’ve got great news… wait, let me get off my unicorn before I fall off!

This is a huge week for my family! On Wednesday, we bring home our new kitten, Freyja. Saturday is Litha, the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. Later that afternoon, my daughter Amy is marrying the love of her life, Joe, on the beach in Florida. I won’t be able to attend, but we’ve got a way for us to see the ceremony through FaceTime. What would we do without technology?

Come and celebrate with me! I’ve listed Fairies, Myths, & Magic ~ A Summer Celebration at $.99 for the rest of the month. The paperback is only $5.99 and would make a lovely gift for anyone who loves magical stories and poetry.

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Step into a world where fairies, dragons, and other magical beings converge in a collection of poetry and short stories inspired by the celebration of Litha, the Summer Solstice.

Meet Drac, a dragon cursed by his own poisonous deeds, and two pixies who help an old man remember a lost love. You’ll meet a pair of fairies with a sense of humor, and a young girl who fulfills her destiny after being struck by lightning. Learn what happens when a modern witch’s spell goes terribly wrong. Meet the Sisters of the Fey, a group of Slavic Witches who sign a pact with the Rusalki Fey to preserve their magic for the good of all.

Atmospheric and haunting, the prose and poetry, will rewrite the mythologies of the past bringing them into the future.


Celebrate the Summer Solstice

This summer solstice—
cheer the balmy rising sun
Litha blessings flow.
Triumph the light over dark,
feed the fires of midsummer.

©2018 Colleen M. Chesebro

The Summer Solstice is only days away! With the Covid19 Pandemic in full swing, join us live on Facebook HERE to experience the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge.

Image Credit: Facebook Event

Looking for a more hands on craft? Celebrate the Summer Solstice by making flower crowns! Check out Lavender Moon’s post below to learn more!

Source: how to make a flower crown: summer solstice edition – lavender moon

34 thoughts on “Fairies, Myths, & Magic ~ A Summer Celebration is on Sale

  1. It’s good to hear all of this good news! Aww– a new kitten. It’s too bad you can’t be with your daughter, but I’m glad you’ll be able to see the wedding.


    1. It never fails… in one week a whole bunch of good things happens all at one time! It never spaces it out. I’ve got some health issues so flying is not wise with the virus exploding in Florida. I’m sad about missing the wedding but it will be fun to watch. Next best thing. ❤️


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