Reshare | Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary | Time Is Now Upon Us, To Open our Hearts In LOVE ~ Seek The Truth!

If you don’t follow Sue, you should. Often, she shares clarity when nothing else makes sense to me. In these dark times, we need to embrace the truth.

From my friend, Sue Dreamwalker: 

The TIME now has come for me too to share more Knowledge, more insights, and More Truths…  I have no intention of changing anyone’s mind or controlling how you think.. …. We all of us have free will, all of us have the opportunity if we so desired to dig deeper as I have over the last thirty-plus years since my awakening…  And as I have said before…Truth is often stranger than fiction…  So I leave you with my poem and the video…

The Most Honest TRUTH… Is LOVE Changes Everything… Love is the Message of this Video… And it’s up to each of us Now to choose LOVE over FEAR! 

Please click on the link below to visit Sue’s poetry and to listen to David Icke’s thoughts.

Source: Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary | A Sanctuary for Enlightenment and Peace through Poetry and Inspirational Thoughts as we go through Life

5 thoughts on “Reshare | Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary | Time Is Now Upon Us, To Open our Hearts In LOVE ~ Seek The Truth!

  1. Bless you dear Colleen… For sharing…. Together we will all navigate through these testing times… I am going to share a couple of quotes from The Coronation, Charles Eisenstein’s Essay.. Its an excellent read

    “Now, all of a sudden, we go around a bend and here it is. We stop, hardly able to believe that now it is happening, hardly able to believe, after years of confinement to the road of our predecessors, that now we finally have a choice. We are right to stop, stunned at the newness of our situation. Of the hundred paths that radiate out in front of us, some lead in the same direction we’ve already been headed. Some lead to hell on earth. And some lead to a world more healed and more beautiful than we ever dared believe to be possible.”

    “There is an alternative to the paradise of perfect control that our civilization has so long pursued, and that recedes as fast as our progress, like a mirage on the horizon. Yes, we can proceed as before down the path toward greater insulation, isolation, domination, and separation. We can normalize heightened levels of separation and control, believe that they are necessary to keep us safe, and accept a world in which we are afraid to be near each other. Or we can take advantage of this pause, this break in normal, to turn onto a path of reunion, of holism, of the restoring of lost connections, of the repair of community and the rejoining of the web of life.”

    It is my hope that this has been the catalyst in bringing together a more harmonious community…. Let us keep sending love into the world…
    I also did a group meditation this evening sending Peace into the USA….. What happens in the USA is very important globally to what energy circulates … ❤

    Much love dear Colleen and thank YOU.. ❤


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