Weekly Poetry Challenge Stars | First of the Month ~ Poet’s Choice

We’re almost at the end of our house painting project… thank goodness, as we’re both exhausted. After painting there’s the cleaning, rearranging, and redecorating. Each step in this process is immensely satisfying to me. This kind of work gives immediate results. I always say you have to live in a house for a while until you figure out where everything should live.

Ready to Write! Heating Pad included.

I’ve swapped the guest room and made it my creative space for writing, sewing, and crafting. The room I used as an office has become the guest room with plenty of space to accommodate a queen-size bed. Perfect! I can sew on this side of the room.

I’ll be sewing masks in this spot!

This painting project helped us maneuver through the virus crisis by keeping us busy. I’ve had much to think about during these quiet hours with paintbrush in hand. On April 16th, my husband and I will celebrate our thirty-fifth wedding anniversary. We had a trip planned to San Francisco, but with the pandemic that plan changed.

On April 18th, I will turn sixty-two years old. During these stressful times, I feel the advancement of age most keenly. I know I must move forward by embracing change and accepting the oddness of this new normal. It also means that I need to finish some writing projects that I’ve left hanging around. I need to let go of my fears.

Honoring the Morrigan, Kwan Yin (Goddess of Compassion) and Mary (the mother goddess)

This week, you had the chance to write about whatever you wanted using the poetry form of your choice. Many of you wrote poetry that reflected your feelings about the insecure times we live in. Some of you shared poetry that spoke of spring as it appears in all its glory. Others honored the Easter holiday. Congratulations to all the participants. I enjoyed your poetry!

Find more links to the poetry from this challenge HERE. Please stop by and check them out!

Meanwhile, here are a few poetry stars to sample:

Ruth Scribbles: My Take

Frank Tassone: Hope in a Time of Corona

Jude Itakali: Fantasy #Haikai

Sally Cronin: Springtime

Merril Smith: After the Storm

Pat: Renewal

Kerfe Roig: Seagull

Dorinda Duclos: Easter Secrets

You’ll find more amazing poetry tomorrow with a new challenge. See you then!

47 thoughts on “Weekly Poetry Challenge Stars | First of the Month ~ Poet’s Choice

  1. I am sure you are feeling very anxious and vulnerable, Colleen. We all are worried. I am extremely worried about how the fragile economy of South Africa will recover from this and think we may end up having to immigrate earlier than we expected. I did join in but I posted late (the White Rabbit was in charge). If you are interested you can read my tankas here: https://robertawrites235681907.wordpress.com/2020/04/12/two-poems-and-two-pictures/


    1. Thanks, Robbie. I can only imagine your distress. This economic trend will affect the world in ways we can’t predict. I saw a news clip today that farmers were plowing under their crops because restaurants were closed! No one considered getting the food to food banks. I would think your situation is precarious in South Africa. Stay safe and healthy. ❤️❤️❤️


  2. Your place looks wonderful, Colleen. How nice to have places to work and to sew and do projects. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday in advance! ❤️


        1. I call rearranging the furniture, restructuring the energy. LOL! And you’re right. I feel unsettled with this virus hanging about. Everything feels uncertain right now. I have to finish my poetry book! ❤


  3. That is wonderful that you are having this opportunity. Fantastic that you are sewing masks, Colleen! So, on Saturday there is a big birthday coming up!!


        1. Right? I totally get that. Now, with the virus, it makes everything feel so uncertain. I just have to keep moving in a positive direction. You, too. Move forward with me. ❤


          1. Over here we have a perspective and the governments of Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany and most of all the Austria are handling the situation pretty well. But I know that everything is terribly chaotic in the US. I hope that soon the government can give you a reasonable and plan about the way through the crisis. Take good care and stay healthy. I am glad that we can still be connected over our blogs 💖


  4. You go girl! You are rocking it all! And glad to hear that even though you switched your guest room for the writing room, there’s still enough room for MY bed. :LOLLLLLLLLL ❤


  5. Congrats to all the winners!

    And that office is a pretty groovy set up! I expect your Friday Tarot cards are going to be drawn in there starting soon!


  6. It all looks amazing Colleen and wonderful that you now have a creative space in both office and guest bedroom. We are doing likewise at the moment and it helps achieving something substantial during the lock down. We will be moving into our new office in the next week or so and looking forward to the shift in creativity that having a new space to fill brings.. Thank you very much for mentioning my poem amongst the stars…you are the star♥


  7. April is a good month for Birthdays! (I’ve a few family members this month) As it is only the 15th – Happy Early Birthday. I’m just about 6 months older, and married about 5 years more…

    I keep shoveling out the same two extra rooms… And I keep migrating to the same dining room table top… However since I got a small folding type table for our kitchen our other one is now downstairs (larger family room area) with the sewing machine on it… I’ve made a few masks so that hubby and I each have at least two (one to wash one to wear…).

    Crafts have gone the wayside as I’m working on pulling weeds… and reading. Well I still am working with yarn to make crocheted scarves (I do that when I’m watching TV).

    Trying to keep up with reading and return blog comments. Amid household chores…
    Stay safe and enjoy your new work spaces 😀


    1. Jules, I crochet scarves too! I also crochet with thread-old fashioned doilies. Between, writing, reading, gardening, and keeping this house clean, I’m always busy. Thank goodness my hubby likes to cook! 🤣 Happy belated birthday and anniversary my friend. ❤️


      1. My hubby and others are in April – I’m an Autumn Baby… late October 😉

        I use odd yarn – no two of my scarves sometimes two or three strands thick are the same. I haven’t tried doilies… But I met a gal on a plane once who made a business out of making earrings or small wearable art – maybe that was tatting?

        I also worked with polymer clay… reuse of odd bits of jewelry to make other things looks intriguing. I saw some of that at a local retirement homes craft room (months ago). I might just donate some materials to them. There really is only so much room for storage isn’t there 😉

        Once my hubby helps me put some photos on my pc I can show you a photo of some of my scarves. Some I don’t have anymore as I was gifting them to some volunteer workers at the charity shop at the retirement community.

        I can only wonder if when my anniversary comes around if we’ll be able to travel again… Even within the states there really are some wonderful places to visit.


        1. How wonderful, Jules. I would love to see your scarves. I found a new pattern that I need to finish that I’ve enjoyed. It’s quite chilly here in Arizona in the winter and my morning walks are cold. The scarves are perfect to ward off the chill. I’ll share the pattern and image when I get it finished. I worry about this virus. Until we have adequate testing and a serum to immunize us against the effects of the virus, I fear this will hang around. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this gets better. We spent our 35th Anniversary finishing the house painting project we had started last month. Needless to say, it was a good day. We were together and that’s all that mattered to me. Hugs to you, my friend. ❤


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