Weekly Poetry Challenge Stars | Specific Poetry Form ~ #CinquainPoetry

There’s something special about the Cinquain form… it’s the iambic purr of just the right amount of syllables that always touches my heart.

You guys outdid your self this week. I’m thrilled you love Cinquain poetry as much as I do.

I’ll share some of the highlights that grabbed my attention:

Joe’s Lanterne: Population

David’s Triple Tetractys: It’s Only Turning

Padre’s Reverse Cinquain: Pine Wood

Reena’s Mirror Cinquain: Meaning

Eilzabeth’s Butterfly Cinquain: Entrapped

Jude’s Crown Cinquain: Renewed Love

Trent’s Cinquain with iambic stresses: Waterfall

No one wrote a Garland Cinquain so I’ll share one I’ve previously written: The Litha Celebration

See you tomorrow for a new challenge!


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