Padre picked an interesting photo for us all to work with this week for our #PhotoPrompt challenge. He sent this image to me a few weeks ago so he had no idea what would be happening in the world at the time.

Image Credit: Padre’s Ramblings

Many of you wrote poetry that reflected your feelings about the crazy times we call our new normal, like Jane Dougherty did HERE. Some of you picked up other vibes, like Willow Willers did HERE.

Jude Itakali, from Tales Told Different, said he struggled with the photo as he had never seen the items in the photo. That got my attention, and thanks to Willow’s help he was able to create a lovely Tanka.

I’ve got to admit… I struggled with the photo as well. I even looked up the name on the wine bottle: Folonari. Here is what the website said:

“Folonari was founded in 1825 by Francesco Folonari, in the Veneto region of Italy. From the very beginning, the founders wanted to create wines that are accessible for everyday occasions.”

“Careful grape selection from the best vineyards, combined with the best vinification techniques, produce wines of exceptional quality. From our award winning Chianti to our exemplary Pinot Grigio, Folonari brings you The Passion of Italy in Every Bottle.”

Congratulations, Jude, its your turn to pick the photo for next month’s #PhotoPrompt challenge. Please Email me your choice at before next month’s challenge.

“Flavored Display,” #Tanka

Opal casks of wine
succulent with mysteries
red and white delights
piquant berries adorn you
embellished dry-sweet pleasures

©2020 Jude Itakali

Source: Flavored display – tales told different

See you tomorrow for the new challenge! Stay busy and write some syllabic poetry with me!

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  1. Thank you so much Colleen for picking me to choose next month’s image. It has totally caught me by surprise and has made like my entire week 😁🌷


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