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Throwing my phone down in frustration, I mutter under my breathe – ENOUGH! I’ve been glued to the stupid thing all day…constantly searching for new information – new stories, new stats, anything I can find to read about this virus. I’ve officially morphed into a news junkie and hardly recognize myself. 

What am I looking for? Information sure…and perhaps a plan. I’m a woman who values plans…feels reassured by a solid plan of action. But it’s deeper than that…I’m speed reading. It’s like a really suspenseful novel and you start reading faster and faster to try to get to the climax. Or like a really well-written Netflix show with episode cliffhangers. You keep clicking next to watch…to see how it all ends.

But there’s no next episode…no final chapter written yet. There’s only the wait. This excruciating wait. 

seeking peace
time unfolds slowly
my nerves frayed

Source: Haibun: This Excruciating Wait | DJ Ranch

This amazing Haibun from Donna Matthews of DJ Ranch really touched me today. I had to share her Haibun because, like Donna, I’ve been doing the exact same thing, checking my phone, reading article after article… It’s the wait that is frustrating.

Donna’s Haibun hits us with the truth of the situation before us. She invokes an emotional response from her prose. Her Haiku also reveals another facet to her prose, revealing more of the fear she feels. Excellent work!

Please stop by Donna’s blog and have a read. Be safe out there, my friends.


  1. So many people are scared and doing such silly things. May God look after us all and keep us safe. Wash your hand frequently, in hot water for at least 20 seconds scrubbing, front ,back and between the fingers. Avoid going out to crowded places, eat at home. Avoid touching your face. Don’t read up too much as there is a lot of false news(rubbish ) out there. Shop sensibly, be sensible and kind. Hug hugs.💜💜💜💜


    1. All sound advice. I think for us in America, our lies in the lack of government. We have an ignorant, so-called president that cares about businesses more than the people of our country. We don’t have health care like the UK. It’s a huge mess and we, the people, will pay the price. 😦


      1. Yes indeed that is very true. Mind you we wish our government were doing more. Our National health service was groaning even before Corvid19. No hand sanitizer or loo rolls in the shops pasta disapeared too. Be brave we are all in this together, we will survive 💜💜💜💜


  2. It IS scary. I watch the news at night for any hint of a cure, but if anything, it’s getting worse. I worry about those with poor immunity, like my grandson and mom, and I worry about the overworked heath professionals trying their best to care for those who are sick- sometimes at the cost of their lives.
    I’ve never seen anything explode worldwide like this before and it terrifies me.


    1. I’m right there with you, Jacquie. It is terrifying! And, here in America, even more so. Keep talking about your fears. We all feel the same and you’re not alone. Hugs to you, my friend. ❤


  3. Everyone is anxious, Colleen. You need to control your fear and follow the hygiene and other guides being put out. There is not point in worrying about something you have limited control over.


  4. Love the imagery, very enticing!

    Got to stay on top of things or it can get out of hand. Patience and all.

    I love this sort of content, thanks for sharing!


  5. There is a lot of imagery in this haibun. Well done, Donna.
    I think we are all living by the news of COVID-19, whether by phone, computer, TV, or newspaper. No one is going out. The grocery shelves are nearly empty. People are becoming isolated for fear of catching it. A very scary time for the world. Stay well, my friend. Hugs.


      1. I think it’s really healthy that people are sharing their feelings about this virus. I can’t believe there are people who think it’s a hoax or that it’s no big deal if they catch it.


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