Padre was the first to respond this week to Ritu’s fabulous photo. His Mirror Cinquain has been on my mind all week. Where I saw shadows and mystery, Padre saw a normal evening in the suburbs.

Padre, you can pick the photo image for next month’s challenge. Please email me at with your photo. Please add any copyright information to go along with the photo. Thanks.

Image Credit: © Ritu Bhathal


Houselights appear
Baths done, pajamas on
Children to be soon tucked in bed

Drink before the television
School lunches still to pack
Doors checked – secured

©2020 Padre’s Ramblings

A mirror cinquain is a syllabic poem form which consists of a  2/4/6/8/2 cinquain poem followed by a 2/8/6/4/2 reverse cinquain.

See you for tomorrow’s new challenge!

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