#Fairy #Tarot #Friday, February 14, 2020

Welcome to Fairy Tarot Friday. Each Friday I’ll share a card from the Fairy Tarot deck by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine, featuring an uplifting message from the fey. I’ll also include a bit of syllabic poetry inspired by the card reading.

The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards that describe major events and turning points in our lives (marriage, pregnancy, relationship and career changes, and overcoming personal challenges). The Major Arcana cards also represent the different phases from childhood to old age.

The Minor Arcana consists of four suits representing different aspects of human life. The Minor Arcana cards are numbered 1 (Ace) through 10, plus the four court cards (Princess, Prince, Queen, and King). The Minor Arcana reflects the day to day aspects of our lives and the people in them. Court cards represent either a situation or a person during a reading.

The Minor Arcana consists of four suits. In traditional Tarot they are; wands, cups, swords, and coins. In Fairy Tarot the four suits reflect the seasons: Spring for wands, Summer for cups, Winter for swords, and Autumn for coins. In Angel Tarot the seasons represent the four elements: fire = spring, water = summer, air = winter, and earth = autumn. Consider these elements in relation to the Fairy Tarot also.

The divinatory meanings are given for upright cards only – this tarot is not intended for reversed readings.

Once you get to know the fairies, you’ll see they are strong-willed environmentalists. They get perturbed at people who mistrust animals or the earth. Never lie to a fairy. Instead, help them take care of the planet and other living beings. Do your part. Your actions will richly reward you, and the fairies will encourage you in amazing ways.

Today’s Card

Today’s card, the five of Unity, comes from the Major Arcana calling upon us to learn the traditional way of doing things so we may overcome personal challenges. However, this card also asks us to break out of the box and to consider new ways of accomplishing our goals.

What does this have to do with unity? The fairies ask us to discuss these new and old ways of doing things with those we trust. Ask your trusted group of friends and loved ones to help you choose which philosophy you should follow. There are decisions that need to be made.

Are you having a hard time accomplishing your goals? If so, it could be the methods you’ve chosen to accomplish these goals are flawed, instead of your actual plan. Be open to your trusted friends and loved one’s perceptions regarding the right strategy to take so you can move forward.

Your support group of friends is more valuable than you realize. Do you have a spiritual teacher who uplifts you and allows you to stand tall in your own work? If so, you are truly blessed.

Remember to stay on the path of integrity in every aspect of your life. The Law of Attraction rewards those who follow their dreams while remaining honest and true while dealing with others. Align yourself with people who have high spiritual ideals.

Do you see the two little fairies on the Unity card? They have aligned themselves with a spiritual mentor to help them learn the old and new ways of thinking.

Additional meanings of this card ask us to do the right thing for the right reason. Remain true to you and to stick to your principles.

Try to become a spiritual teacher for others who wish to consult you for wisdom and guidance. Never preach. Instead, share the wisdom of your knowledge.

If you’ve mastered a particular field of study, it’s possible you could be assuming the role of teacher and mentor to others. In such an esteemed position, always honour and acknowledge your responsibility to share your knowledge in a way that respects the age-old traditions.

Remember to respect your elders, including the ancestors who came before you. Trust in the power of prayer.

The Mentor, #Senryu

old and new ways join
in wisdom

©2020 Colleen M. Chesebro

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