Colleen’s 2020 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 164 #SynonymsOnly


It’s the second week of the month! That means Synonyms ONLY! I’ll pick a the two words for you to write about for this month. On the Monday before the next challenge, I’ll select someone to choose next month’s two synonyms.

Here are your two words:

Love & Harmony

PLEASE don’t forget to support the other poets by visiting blogs and leaving comments. Peer reviews help poets perfect their writing craft. Remember… sharing is caring.

For Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge, you can write your poem in the forms defined on the Poetry Challenge Cheatsheet:

Here are some great sites that will help you write your poetry and count syllables 

This site even has a link so you can install the extension on Google Chrome.

For Synonyms and Antonyms. When your word has too many syllables, find one that works.

Find out how many syllables each word has. I use this site to compose my poems. Click on the “Workshop” tab, then cut and paste your poetry into the box. Click the Count Syllables button on the button. This site does the hard work for you.

I don't get it


Every Tuesday I’ll post the challenge early enough so everyone can see it. Remember, there will be no recap. You have a full week to complete your poetry. Only syllabic poetry: Haiku, Senryu, Haiga, Gogyohka, Tanka, Haibun, Cinquain, Etheree, Nonet, Shadorma

The rules are simple. Write your poetry on your blog.

Do a link-back by placing the HTTPS:// address of the challenge post into your post. Also, please copy your poem and add it to the comments. If you created a Haiga, you can post it in the comments. To add a photo in WP comments copy the URL from your media file where you uploaded the image to your post, and paste it in the comments. Now, all of the poetry ends up on the challenge post in one place.

Follow the schedule listed below:

I will visit your blog, comment, and TWEET your POETRY. 

If you add these hashtags to the post TITLE on your blog (depending on which poetry form you use) your poetry may be viewed more often on Twitter:

#Haiku, #Senryu, #Haiga, #Gogyohka, #Tanka, #micropoetry, #poetry, #5lines, #Haibun, #Prose, #CinquainPoetry, #Etheree, #Nonet, #Shadorma

Success! You're on the list.

Now, have fun and write some poetry!


  1. Unity – double etheree

    Heavens’ gift
    Life, land and soul
    The sun-cast shadows
    Maintaining the balance
    Encouraging clarity
    Assimilating the darkness
    Realising a sacred purpose
    Unifying apparent division
    Cherished and indivisible marriage
    Perfect both alone and together
    In symbiotic interplay
    Lending colour and contrast
    Permitting perception
    The invisible
    Made visible


    1. Amazing message here, Sue. I really love these three lines: “…Cherished and indivisible marriage, Perfect both alone and together, In symbiotic interplay…” I know everything I need to know about the characters in this poem. ❤


  2. Here is my poem – Tanka/ TwoHearts Trembling Beat

    Two hearts trembling beat
    Night’s pleasured perfume dances
    Passion’s music plays
    Wordless moments pleasure kissed
    Such bliss lost within themselves


          1. There is so much to learn. I am constantly reading about the various forms in an attempt to improve my own work. I am only just scratching the surface with regard to haiku, senryu and tanka. Have a great day.


          2. Me too. I do love learning about these forms. My book will be a beginner’s guide. Hopefully, it will whet everyone’s appetite to further explore these forms. We’ll all learn together. 😀


  3. Happy Valentine’s Day Colleen..♥ Here is my etheree today..thanks for the lovely prompt. I have chosen Passion and Rapport.

    Etheree – Two Hearts

    you meet
    that someone
    who sparks a flame
    in your heart and mind
    passion is ignited.
    Even when the years have passed
    the rapport that has developed,
    energised with a sense of humour,
    binds your two hearts together forever.

    ©Sally Cronin 2020


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