UHTS: Submission Call for APRIL 2020 issue of cattails

More opportunities for poets: Publication in Cattails, a Journal of the United Haiku & Tanka Society (UHTS). Also, I would only submit the current forms of Haiku, Senryu, and Haiga (3/5/3 and 2/3/2). Investigate and read more in the above link. Download the last publication HERE.

Please note our new shorter submission window: Submissions for Spring/April issue open: 1st February (midnight) GMT and close: 29th February (midnight) GMT.

cattails is now accepting haiga for publication. Please make sure you submit your work to the correct editor. 

N.B. For the April 2020 issue Mike Montreuil is the haibun editor and Sonam Chhoki, the tanka editor

1. Send your work, including images for haiga, in the body of an email only – attachments will not be opened. You must include your country, full name, and email address in the body of the email to be considered. For haiga, images should have a resolution of at least 200 dpi and the image must be at least 1200 px in size.

2. We consider only works that have never been previously published elsewhere, either online or in print, (this includes on social media sites, blogs, and websites).

3. We do not consider works submitted elsewhere simultaneously, including to journals or competitions.

4. The work presented must be yours exclusively or if it’s a collaboration, all persons involved in the collaboration must be included in the submission. The names of the authors (poet and photographer/artist) must be included in the haiga photograph/artwork.

5. We encourage, but do not require you to submit your works in your native language, along with the English version.

6. You may make one submission per reading period of:

  • Not more than 10 tanka
  • Not more than 12 haiku
  • Not more than 12 Senryu
  • Not more than 3 haibun
  • Not more than 3 Haiga/Tankart

7. What we do not accept:

  • mainstream short form poetry
  • tanka prose
  • sequences of any type
  • linked verse
  • rhymed work
  • books for review

Response Time:

Members of the editorial team will acknowledge your submission within a week of receipt. Final acceptances or rejections will be sent once the final selections are complete. If you happen to experience a delay, please contact the principal editor, Sonam, at allthingshaibun@gmail.com

REMINDER: Please send any/all other submissions (within the “body” of an email), with the Subject heading for the appropriate form you are submitting to, in all CAPITAL LETTERS.

Submit your work according to the following genre editors: (see definitions page if you’re unclear about these distinctions)

Tanka Editor: Sonam Chhoki, Bhutan

submittocattails+TANKA@gmail.com with the subject heading: TANKA

Haiku Editor: Geethanjali Rajan, India

submittocattails+HAIKU@gmail.com with the subject heading: HAIKU

Senryu Editor: Gautam Nadkarni, India

submittocattails+SENRYU@gmail.com with the subject heading: SENRYU

Haibun Editor: April Issue : Mike Montreuil, Canada

submittocattails+HAIBUN@gmail.com with the subject heading: HAIBUN

Haibun Editor: October Issue : Mike Montreuil, Canada

submittocattails+HAIBUN@gmail.com with the subject heading: HAIBUN

Haiga/Tankart Editor: Lavana Kray, Romania

submittocattails+HAIGA@gmail.com with the subject heading HAIGA

Youth Corner Editor: Kala Ramesh, India

submittocattails+YOUTH@gmail.com with the subject heading: YOUTH

Managing Editor: Mike Montreuil, Canada

submittocattails+TECH@gmail.com with the subject heading: TECH

UHTS Secretary: lliyana Stoyanova

submittocattails+JOIN@gmail.com with the subject heading: JOIN

Copyright Policy:

All rights revert back to authors upon publication, although credits for having been first-published in cattails (both online and in print), are required, as are credits for any collaboration of any submission. We reserve the right to reprint accepted work in electronic or hardcopy form. 

We are looking forward to your submissions!
Iliyana Stoyanova
UHTS Secretary


  1. I checked out Cattails, and I would like to subscribe as a reader; however, I didn’t see a way to do that. I tried the “Join” form, but apparently, it doesn’t believe that I’m not a robot. I’ll try again. The issue I sampled had some good poetry.


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