#Fairy #Tarot #Friday, January 31, 2020

Welcome to Fairy Tarot Friday. Each Friday I’ll share a card from the Fairy Tarot deck by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine, featuring an uplifting message from the fey. I’ll also include a bit of syllabic poetry inspired by the card reading.

The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards that describe major events and turning points in our lives (marriage, pregnancy, relationship and career changes, and overcoming personal challenges). The Major Arcana cards also represent the different phases from childhood to old age.

The Minor Arcana consists of four suits. In traditional Tarot they are; wands, cups, swords, and coins. In Fairy Tarot, the four suits reflect the seasons: Spring for wands, Summer for cups, Winter for swords, and Autumn for coins. In Angel Tarot, the seasons represent the four elements: fire = spring, water = summer, air = winter, and earth = autumn. Consider these elements in relation to the Fairy Tarot also.

The Minor Arcana also consists of four suits representing different aspects of human life. The Minor Arcana cards are numbered 1 (Ace) through 10, plus the four court cards (Princess, Prince, Queen, and King). The Minor Arcana reflects the day to day aspects of our lives and the people in them. Court cards represent either a situation or a person during a reading.

The divinatory meanings are given for upright cards only – this tarot is not intended for reversed readings.

Once you get to know the fairies, you’ll see they are strong-willed environmentalists. They get perturbed at people who mistrust animals or the earth. Never lie to a fairy. Instead, help them take care of the planet and other living beings. Do your part. Your actions will richly reward you, and the fairies will encourage you in amazing ways.

Today’s Card

The Prince of Winter is a court card that usually represents a person or addresses a specific situation. Drawing this card reminds us of how fluid a situation truly is. Everything moves fast when you pick the Prince of Winter.

By drawing this card, it could relate to the current political events unfolding before our eyes. This card also brings out the characteristics of idealism, decisiveness, focus, and determination. But don’t let the Prince of Winter fool you. He can also be impulsive and undiplomatic.

Does this sound like anyone you know? If you have the opportunity, ask this person to pause and take a breath. Before we proceed, we should ask if the plan put forth is sound and worthwhile before we follow through.

This fairy moves quickly through the forest showing his exuberance at the thrill of the ride. Let’s hope he watches where he is going! Pride goeth before a fall, they often say.

Additional meanings of this card suggest that we should believe in our mission. Fight for justice. Watch out for sudden and unexpected changes. We are asked to reflect on intellectual solutions to our problems.

The Prince of Winter, Traditional #Haiku

oppose injustice
seek rational solutions,
act decisively.

©2020 Colleen M. Chesebro


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