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It’s the third week of the month! Time for a #PhotoPrompt

This month’s photo prompt has been provided by Willow Willers. This is a personal photo that belongs to her, so please add the copyright information when you share to your blog.

©2019 Willow Willers

What does this photo say to you? How does it make you feel… concentrate on emotions, or tell a syllabic poetry story.

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This site even has a link so you can install the extension on Google Chrome.


For Synonyms and Antonyms. When your word has too many syllables, find one that works.


Find out how many syllables each word has. I use this site to compose my poems. Click on the “Workshop” tab, then cut and paste your poetry into the box. Click the Count Syllables button on the button. This site does the hard work for you.

I don't get it


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127 thoughts on “Colleen’s 2019 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 161 #PhotoPrompt

    1. Jane your poem is so beautiful, a similar thought entered my head but you have expressed it beautifully. Just a point every time I go to your actual page I get a oops error message . Luckily I can read the poetry in my emails💜


      1. Thanks, Willow. I’m not a fan of these wedding rituals where the bride is tricked out like a prize heifer and handed over to her new owner. But that’s just me.
        I don’t know what the problem is with WP. I thought I’d sorted it by changing my password, but comments still aren’t getting through for every post. Looks like this is one of them.


          1. Oh, that’s why! I’ve been having problems with WP and thought I’d sorted it. I couldn’t comment and comments from certain people, not all, were not appearing. Maybe the problem really is sorted then!


          2. I’ve had trouble with notifications, just random comments not going to notifications, certain posts not appearing on any radar, not being able to reply to comments, not even on other people’s blogs. Really weird because it seemed totally random. I hope we’re back to normal now!


          1. People here complain all the time about how much they pay in taxes for health, education, welfare etc but I’d much rather have a state system that works well than handing health over to private enterprise.


          2. Two different ways of looking at society, either we all contribute towards the universal good or we say, I earned it, I decide what I do with it. I know which one seems the more ‘Christian’ to me but no doubt there are people who would put me straight on that.


          3. Sure. But, religion shouldn’t make that choice for people. It’s a value based decision and we all deserve health care. Paying for it is the issue. Also, how healthcare rapes the people in a free market.


          4. I know, I was only teasing about religion since God plays such a prominent part in political debate in the US whereas here religion is kept out of the public sphere as much as possible.
            I agree, the decision on whether the collectivity pays for health care or you buy it like breakfast cereal if and when you want it, should be based on values. I would have thought that Christians would have been all for helping and sharing, but apparently they aren’t.


          5. LOL! There are so many labels, aren’t there? I left Christianity many years ago. I’m not sure what their values are as they seem all wrapped up with their political views and not in a good way. Culturally, Americans used to believe everyone could follow their own religion without fear of reprisal. Now, I keep that to myself because judgments run deep. Our country is a mess right now for sure.


          6. Wouldn’t surprise me except that there are so many people I can’t imagine ever been hurt by anything. Mainly the people who have provoked the mess…


  1. Hi colleen. A mirrored etheree for this week.
    colleen’s weekly challenge

    photo by Willow Willers,
    hide my flaws
    ensnare my faults
    adorn my secrets
    twist and turn them to joys
    Weave intricate deceptions
    that conceal the wares of my hands
    and reveal the promise of their touch
    Oh the beauty of your tales and fables!
    Won’t you help me tell my truths and passions
    won’t you show the other side of me
    rekindle hidden memories
    file my hopes and my desires
    Enchant my wedding ring
    a dash of floral
    tinged in nature
    Show me off


  2. Thanks Colleen and to Willow for the lovely image.. Here is my mirror cinquain which will go out on the blog tomorrow. Sorry cannot centre here..

    Mirror Cinquain – Ritual of Mehndi Sally Cronin

    This night
    before we wed,
    my hands reflect my joy
    with designs applied with henna
    and care.
    may fade as will this rich pattern,
    but not my love for you,
    vivid and strong
    for life.

    ©Sally Cronin


    1. So… the Gogyōka is five lines, no syllable restriction or word restrictions – free style Tanka with 5 lines. This is interesting! And, your Gogyoka is extraordinary! I love it.


  3. Hi Colleen and all,

    Here’s the poem I wrote for this week’s challenge :-

    Hopes, aspirations, exuberance fill the heart,
    As the design fills the palm,
    Rosy images, ecstasy only gets focussed,
    Leaving no thought for any negativity.

    In hindsight, did I ever,
    Make a promise to be steadfast when the going got tough,
    Make a promise to view failures as nothing but a better tomorrow,
    Make a promise to accept our flaws and view it as a learning curve,
    Make a promise to accept sorrows and joys alike,
    Make a promise to be each other’s pillar of strength, rather than play the blame game,
    Make a promise to be each other’s constant,
    I don’t know if my high spirits left any room to think then,
    Like they say, never too late to resolve something that’s good,
    Today’s the day, now’s the moment.


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