UPDATE to The 2019 Poet of the Week Compilation

I’ve updated my site’s rating on Google Chrome to a B+ which should make downloading the PDF easier.

I apologize for the inconvenience. It’s been a comedy of errors this week. ~Colleen~

Yay for teamwork! The 2019 Poet of the Week & Honorable Mention Poetry Compilation from last year’s challenges is ready for distribution.

Please join me in thanking H. R. R. Gorman for her help in putting this publication together, including her many artistic skills. Not only did she reformat the PDF, but she also designed the cover art – all during the time she was graduating with her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. Thanks, Dr. G. I literally could not have done this without your help!

I’m so proud of all of you… the poets, who worked so hard to perfect their writing craft to make this challenge what it is today. I’ve learned so much from you all. I can’t wait for the new challenges to begin!

Enjoy the Gift of Poetry!

As promised, this is a FREE download. This collection contains a copyright:

“Copyright ©2020 by Colleen M. Chesebro. All authors of poems contained in this compilation retain the rights to their work. The cover of this work was created by H.R.R. Gorman. All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the poet or artist.”

The NEW challenge starts tomorrow, January 7, 2020. Are you ready to take the plunge and write some syllabic poetry? Let’s do it together!

49 thoughts on “UPDATE to The 2019 Poet of the Week Compilation

    1. Ah, but how can you be so sure? 😉

      Also, spoiler: I’m going to do a gender reveal soon because I published a short story and couldn’t write a good bio without using pronouns. I thought about using ‘they,’ but then I thought it’d be disrespectful to non-binary people, so it’ll truly be out of the bag soon.


        1. Haha, I suppose so! The reason I’m worried is 1) I started off vague because I was being weird and trying a social experiment 2) I realized I wanted to actually make a go at this, but I’d already started with the “lie” and couldn’t stop 3) Now I’ve reached a point where I don’t think I can keep the lie up, and I’m worried people will be disappointed.


          1. I never do LOL. I’m going to try going to my Kindle content directly through Amazon and try. And are you inferring I’m a dinosaur??? LOL ❤


  1. These are fabulous picks, Colleen. I downloaded it so I can take more time to read, but I read through March. Wow. I love Sally’s thoughts on communication. I am amazed how people can think and express such deep thoughts in poetry. Astounding. I also loved the dog sled poem. Haiban, right?


  2. This is fabulousssssssss. So happy to be part of. Sis, I’m having huge technical problems. I’m on my third older desktop and it won’t let me ‘like’ anywhere, and hurdles to comment. Also, can you message me the PDF link as I’m not able to do anything here with it. ❤


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