Colleen’s 2020 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 159, #Poet’sChoice


It’s the first of the month and you know what that means! Poets, choose your own syllabic poetry form, theme, words, images, etc. It’s up to you!

PLEASE support the other poets by visiting blogs and leaving comments. Peer reviews help poets perfect their writing craft. Remember… sharing is caring.

For Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge, you can write your poem in the forms defined on the Poetry Challenge Cheatsheet:

Here are some great sites that will help you write your poetry and count syllables 

This site even has a link so you can install the extension on Google Chrome.

For Synonyms and Antonyms. When your word has too many syllables, find one that works.

Find out how many syllables each word has. I use this site to compose my poems. Click on the “Workshop” tab, then cut and paste your poetry into the box. Click the Count Syllables button on the button. This site does the hard work for you.

I don't get it


Every Tuesday I’ll post the challenge early enough so everyone can see it. Remember, there will be no recap.

The rules are simple. Write your poetry on your blog.

Do a link-back by placing the HTTPS:// address of the challenge post into your post. ALSO, please copy your poem and add it to the comments. If you created a Haiga, let us know in the comments with a link to your post. Now, all of the poetry ends up on the challenge post in one place.

Follow the schedule listed below:

Don't forget

I will visit your blog, comment, and TWEET your POETRY. 

If you add these hashtags to the post TITLE on your blog (depending on which poetry form you use) your poetry may be viewed more often on Twitter:

#Haiku, #Senryu, #Haiga, #Tanka, #micropoetry, #poetry, #5lines, #Haibun, #Prose, #CinquainPoetry, #Etheree, #Nonet, #Shadorma

Now, have fun and write some poetry!

87 Comments on “Colleen’s 2020 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 159, #Poet’sChoice

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  2. Here is my poem.
    Well as it is my choice I have decided to write a Tanka on the promise of Spring. A play on Hope Springs Eternal.

    Title : New Year

    Bare almost extinct

    Tired, at the old year’s ending.

    In hibernation

    Nature’s spring hope’s eternal

    New life giving life to all

    © willowdot21.wordpress .com


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  8. Hi colleen, a little love in this. Enjoyed the free style.
    Stormy gray nimbus
    how you struggle with emotion
    withholding your love
    Listen! You can hear it in her midnight sigh
    a whisper of secrets from her dreams of you
    Close your eyes and feel it by your side
    the caress of fingers demanding their due
    Don’t think, don’t reason, alleviate your mind
    let soul preside, let heart steer you true
    Lone thirsting daisy
    beauty coaxing the heavens
    till nourishment falls
    gray clouds glow white with relief
    the sun shines on you and me.


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  14. Hi Sis! I took a stab at a Haibun/Senryu this time. Here’s the link:

    and here’s the Haibun:

    “Into the Abyss”

    Through the darkness of morning, a shrill sound breaks the silence. I am startled, groggy, finally realizing it’s the telephone ringing. I answer to hear apologies for waking me, as she rambles on about another place. She doesn’t care for where she is. She only knows she has to move.

    I cannot go through this again. The last time nearly buried me. Still, I feel myself sinking further down, into that abyss, with no hope of seeing the light again.

    My anomaly exposed
    Battles for the win


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  17. How did I even miss this? No notification from WP and if I wouldn’t have seen Sal’s entry I would have thought the new challenge didn’t begin yet. ❤


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