UHTS – The “AHA” Haiku/Senryu Contest ALERT!

One of my goals for 2020, is to encourage poets to enter more contests, including myself. The way I look at it:

How can we gauge our poetic abilities if we don’t get feedback from others outside of our usual writing community?

The United Haiku Tanka Society has the perfect solution!

The “AHA” Haiku/Senryu Contest (the Annual Hortensia Anderson Memorial Awards)

The UHTS “aha” (Annual Hortensia Anderson Memorial Awards) for haiku/senryu, is in honor of a well known and respected New York-based haiku poet, Hortensia Anderson. Thank you for your participation in keeping the memory of a wonderful person who dedicated so much of herself to our haiku community over the years… rest in peace Hortensia.

You are encouraged to submit in your native language in addition to your English submission.

Please see the General Submission Guidelines for further information.

Submission Period and Deadline: January 1-January 31 of each year.

Make sure and read all of the instructions! Brush up on your Haiku and Senryu writing skills by clicking the link below:

Together, we can write more poetry!


  1. Colleen, thank you for visiting my blog and the follow. I am happy to be now following you. Nice to meet you! Your kind words on my poem meant a lot to me!


  2. Hello Colleen! I apologize another time for late revisit. ;-( Hope you had a beautiful celebrations of the festive days, and will have the best ever start into the New Year 2020! Best wishes and blessings! Michael


  3. Always an interesting prospect to enter contests…
    something I’m not really fond of … but I might give it a try.
    I’ve copied the info – that’s a start.


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