Conversations with Colleen: Meet Author, Eloise De Sousa, @mello_ello

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.”

– JM Barrie, Peter Pan

Hello everyone! This week I’m thrilled to bring you one of my favorite children’s authors, Eloise De Sousa. I asked her to pick a few questions from my huge list HERE, so we could get to know her better.

The saying goes that children are our future and we should all encourage children to read and write. As a teacher, Eloise does that and more.

Eloise De Sousa in her favorite spot – reading to children

Please meet poet and multi-talented adult and children’s author, Eloise De Sousa.

Eloise De Sousa is a crime fiction writer with a penchant for penning poems and children’s stories.

Free to write about the dreams that keep me up at night, I sit at my computer some days, contemplating murder. Of course, there are moments of passion and adventure.

When I’m not in my bat cave creating new worlds, I transform into a mother of four rather large sprogs, four cats and a dog called Henry. If you don’t find me out in the forest walking the sprogs and the dog, or bent over at awkward angles photographing nature, you’ll find me tapping away at my keyboard coming up with my next nutty adventure.

E. De Sousa Author

Hello, Eloise. I’m so glad you stopped by for a chat. As a blossoming author, what does literary success look like to you?

When I look at the authors who have sky-rocketed to fame, my introvert self cringes and wants to run and hide. That sort of fame is definitely not what I am looking for, although I am aware that it is part and parcel of becoming a well read author.

Literary success is knowing that your reader has enjoyed your book and asks questions about the characters, where the plot could go in the sequel (even if there isn’t one) and how they pictured the character in the book.

I love the narrative driven by a good story and I hope that all my books have that special mix to encourage discussions about future stories. That is what literary success looks like to me: no bells and whistles but just pure enjoyment of those words on paper.

We’re going on a trip in Big Ox’s canoe. Watch the fire bears roar on Venus as pepper pot trees grow on the moon. As Big Ox steers us to the planets, Little One wonders if Mum will come home soon.

What makes this particular genre you are involved in so special?

Writing for children is an opportunity to involve moot subjects in our society’s culture, subjects that may not be openly discussed yet affect children in numerous ways. When I write stories for my young audience, I choose those subjects and implicitly tackle the social stereo types, making my characters act out their conflict and giving my readers a chance to figure out a way forward. Their take away from my stories would be an element of a moral code for the children to follow.

I think the influence of writing in this genre includes a responsibility to ensure that the moral code is implicitly in place with characters that can question the code, giving children the opportunity to explore their own self doubt and insecurities.

Children’s books by Eloise De Sousa: Amazon Author Page

Your children’s books always touch my heart. What inspires you to write?

The short answer to this is my love of story-telling. The long, boring answer is me telling you about my lonely childhood filled with books that sent me away to foreign places where I could be whatever I wanted and not have a care in the world.

Having the ability to share that same love of stories with others is something I cherish. Whether it’s writing for adults or children, creating a world of passion, suspense, or adventure where a reader can lose themselves for a few hours is my greatest wish. I can’t imagine a world without books and if I can contribute to that world, how lucky am I?

Thank you, Colleen, for inviting me to your blog and giving me an opportunity to chat with you.

It was a great pleasure to introduce your books to my readers, Eloise.

Check out my review of “Space Dust,” HERE.

Here’s Where You Can Find Eloise De Sousa

Blog: E. De Sousa, Author

Facebook Author Page: Eloise De Sousa’s Book Corner @eloisebookcorner

Twitter: Eloise De Sousa @mello_ello

Christmas is coming! It’s never too early to buy books for your children or grandchildren. ❤

27 thoughts on “Conversations with Colleen: Meet Author, Eloise De Sousa, @mello_ello

  1. I salute the writers who can teach children to see reasoning without being preachy. I love your interviews. Writing for children is most difficult, I think.


  2. I agree, writing for children is not always easy but it is so rewarding. Sharing that love of reading with the next generations is such a joy. A wondefful interview. Your books look and sound delightful, Eloise. All the best.


  3. So nice to see Eloise here and learn a little more about her writing. I admire children’s author’s ability to write in an easier form for them to understand and pick out the messages. ❤


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