What’s Coming in WordPress 5.3 (Features and Screenshots)

Many thanks to Web designer Louise Findlay for all her help and guidance. Check out her blog HERE.

WordPress 5.3 is coming soon with new features and improvements. Here is a list of all the features that are coming in WordPress 5.3 with screenshots.

Source: What’s Coming in WordPress 5.3 (Features and Screenshots)

Stay on top of all the WordPress changes.

Don’t forget to add WordPress Beginner to your Bookmarks! There is great information here.

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33 thoughts on “What’s Coming in WordPress 5.3 (Features and Screenshots)

      1. Thanks, Colleen. It’s been a pleasure. I find WPBeginner is a great site full of plugin comparisons giving free and paid options as well as tutorials.

        WPBeginner also have a Facebook Group that’s very helpful with some developers and other site owners like yourself posting questions and providing help.


        1. Thanks, Louise. I’ve bookmarked the site and will use them often for reference. I’ll check out that group too. Thanks again. I’m appreciative of all your help. ❤


  1. I’m still waiting to hear if more than a small percentage of WP not only uses but actually LIKES Gutenberg. Until I do, I’m sticking with the Classic Editor.


          1. I’m a writer–putting in the drama. LOL A little rant too, from 2nd hand complaints the improvement wasn’t. But it is what it is–so I’ll have to find time, eventually. It’s all part of the fun–Amazon, Google, Microsoft etc. It’s the world we live and work in. 😎


            1. That’s it, for sure. I like all this geeky stuff. I’m a detail person so I guess It’s normal for me. Besides I hate when the younger generation thinks we’re a bunch of dummies because we have gray hair. I love to prove them wrong! 😂


              1. You got it! My 88 year old brother uploads photos from his I-phone to the web and complains about 70-80 somethings who only do snail-mail.


  2. Thanks for the information, Colleen. It looks very existing. I’m glad WordPress move us forward with these changes instead of making us stay put. We should never afraid of changes and, in most cases, they are done for very good reasons. I’m ready to embrace them.


      1. I used to hate change. Then I saw how much hating it was holding me back. I learned my lesson too late in life, but glad I changed to embracing change as a way forward. Now there’s no stopping me.


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