Sue’s poem earned the right to claim the distinction of being the Poet of the Week for last week’s challenge. Congratulations, Sue. <3

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25 thoughts on “Whispering…”

  1. So beautiful and meaningful. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if stones could talk, but then again, perhaps they have always been whispering to those that hear them. I love this poem.

    1. I love stones, rocks, mountains. They do seem to speak to us… if we listen. Sue travels all over the UK and shares the most wonderful photos. Her trips take me to the magic. <3

      1. Colleen, yes, Sally does and you and I love stones, rocks, and mountains too. It is in our blood I guess. You also bring magic into so many lives, mine included. I feel accepted into an amazing and talented group of women and we are all witches in our own way. I have been reluctant to say too much and so I listen and learn. I do have some rather psychic gifts that I learned to shut down a number of years ago. They can take over one’s life totally and it can be scary too. Perhaps, we can talk about some day. I am going to Canada in a couple of days and will be in gone for about nine or ten days. I will have my laptop with me, but I doubt I will have much time to be on it, not with two little grandkids to occupy my time – which I will love. Have a great weekend coming up. Karen 🙂

        1. Sounds like a fabulous time. Debby Gies is in Toronto. Will you be nearby? I can’t wait to meet her. Someday. Have a marvelous time and don’t check email. LOL! <3

          1. No, I hope next summer we will be in Toronto and I will definitly meet with Debby for lunch. We are going to Windsor and then up northeast of that, I think. Dave has his son, grandchildren, and other family members to meet with (Dave is Canadian and American both.) Karen 🙂

      1. Sue, Wow. I wish I had known that when I visited Stonehenge so many years ago, when people could actually touch the stones and stay as long as they wanted, even into nightime – no fences just a beautiful place to visit. I was so young and didn’t know how precious that time was. However, there is a place here called Stone Mountainn that is rich in history. There are lots of granite stones here. I used to collect stones and so I think I shall start collecting them again. Thank you for sharing something so important and so amazing. Karen 🙂

        1. I spent a lot of time at Stonehenge when I was much younger too…when there was no-one else around, no fences or crowds. I was lucky that my family had already introduced me to stones and stone circles as a very small child, so I knew just how special that time was. 🙂

          1. Sue, how lucky for you living with so much history, culture and with parents who taught you so much. I would have traded places with anyone to live where you live, and Sally too. I lived in London for two years, and had I been given a chance I would have stayed in the British Isles anywhere. I loved the culture, the people, the way of life, so different than America. I am not a happy American – not at all. But, my husband is Canadian (so were my French grandparents and so at least I have a little English and French culture to enjoy.) Thank you for sharing this with me and I am awed! Karen 🙂 hugsxxx

          2. I lived in France for the best part of a decade…so I appreciate the French culture (I ended up marrying a French musician there). There are many reasons why a place seems to resonate with us and get into our hearts, but I believe we are born to a particular place in this lifetime for a reason…we just have to find it 😉 x

          3. Sue, I agree with you completely. The British Isles and Europe and any place but America for me. I just don’t like the culture here in America. I lived in Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, and England a total of 12 years of my life. All wonderful experiences. Karen 🙂

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