More Notes from: The Modern Witch’s Masterclass with Phyllis Curott, “How to Cast a Spell,” via Hay House

I’ve been enjoying this free series on Wiccan Witchcraft by Phyllis Curott via Hay House. Here is the link to this lesson so can watch it yourself. These are my notes and I’ve tried to catch her words as closely as possible, but much of the following is paraphrased. ❤

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What is your definition of magic? Do you think witches cast spells to control the world? That simply isn’t true.

Magic is what a living cosmos does with you once you’ve awakened to its divinity and your own.

The secret to magic is your relationship with the sacred. All real magic is the manifestation of the divine.

Everyone is capable of magic. It’s not a supernatural way to control reality. Making magic is a co-creative process with the divine that dwells inside and all around you when you’re open and aware and connected to that divinity.

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Magic is in the synchronicities, signs, and messages your receive in dreams that come true. Magic is found in the healing that defies prognosis, and in the opportunities that appear when none were there before. It’s found in the unexpected help you receive, and in the harmony with which your life begins to take shape.

Magic changes everything, and the first thing it changes is you. It breaks down your barriers, shifting your perceptions and awakening your soul. When you do it right, it awakens the witch within you.

Magic and meditation go hand in hand. Altering our state of consciousness opens us to the divine and meditation does that. It allows us to enter realms of spirit and for you to move freely outside the bounds of space and time. It allows you to dive deep within to find where divinity dwells.

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Meditation can be magic! Meditating is one of the fastest ways to change your consciousness.

The next time you are meditating – go ahead… cast a spell. What exactly is a spell? A spell is like poetry, an incantation, a rhyme. Rhyming has a powerful effect on your mind and emotions. In fact, like singing, chanting a spell with two or more witches magnifies the effect.

In order for a spell to work in partnership with the sacred source of creation, you need a change of consciousness. Meditation is the answer.

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The power of positive affirmations as a repetition of phrases, alter our self perception and our behavior to manifest desired changes in our psyche and in our life.

Here is a chant created by Louise Hay:

“I am one with the divine power that created me. I use my power with love, success, and generosity.”

In the video, Phyllis sings a Wiccan chant, I’ve shared below:

“She changes every thing she touches, and every thing she touches, changes.”

If you repeat this chant a number of times you will feel your energy improve. The longer you chant, the stronger the effect. This chant alters your heart and connects you to the universe.

When you’ve finished your chant, thank creation for receiving your intention, your energy, and your magic!

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