“How to Cast a Circle” ~ My Notes from Phyllis Curott & the “Modern Witch’s Masterclass via Hay House

In her first free video, Phyllis will teach us how to start your day the Witch’s way through setting positive and grounded intentions for the day ahead. She’ll also share how to cast a circle—a fundamental Witchcraft practice—to help you open up your senses and connect with Mother Earth.”

Hay House

How do you cast a circle?

Phyllis suggests casting a circle each morning. She usually includes an offering, like birdseed. However, she does stress that you can cast your circle anywhere you feel most comfortable. Offerings are optional. After you’ve completed your circle, take note of how your day progressed. ❤

First, start by facing east. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. She holds up the birdseed and says, “Spirit of Air, may my mind be clear today.”

Then, scatter some of the bird seed.

Next, turn toward the south and say, “Spirit of Fire, may my courage be firm today.”

Scatter more seed.

Now, turn toward the west and say, “Spirit of Water, may my heart be open and full of love today.”

Scatter more seed.

Pivot and turn toward the north. Cup your hands in front of you and say, “Spirit of Mother Earth, may my work be creative, rewarding, and fulfilling today.”

Scatter the last of the seed.

Turn back toward the east which ends the full circle and places you back where you began. Reach your hands toward the sun above and then down to the earth under your feet.

Say, “I reach to the sky and sun above, and down to the earth upon which I stand. I give thanks at the center – between sky and earth. I draw the energy from both knowing I’m at the place where spirit, nature, and energy are one.”

While standing in balance between the sky and earth finish your blessing by saying, “May my day go forward with blessings.”

Once your circle is complete move with gladness into your day.

& Blessed Be!

8 thoughts on ““How to Cast a Circle” ~ My Notes from Phyllis Curott & the “Modern Witch’s Masterclass via Hay House

  1. I wanted to read this because I know very little about witchcraft practices and hope to keep expanding my breadth of knowledge. This seems like such a calm and peaceful way to start a day – it could be meditative, even for someone who isn’t intending it as a ceremony.

    Liked by 1 person

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