“Fake News,” #Tanka

This week, I shared my ideas about writing political poetry. You can read that article HERE. Political poetry is difficult to write. You don’t want to preach, but you also want to get your feelings across to others. How do you do that?

To start, you can choose a topic that brings you the most outrage. From there, describe how that topic affects you – what you believe in, and how that makes you feel.

For my weekly poetry challenge, I chose to write about fake news using the Tanka form. I like the Tanka because you can assemble your thoughts into short bursts, which I think resemble fake news phrases. At least, that was my intent.

Those two little words (fake news) do more damage to our freedoms than any other. If we can’t believe what we hear from our elected officials, where does that leave us?

For the word, ugly, I used, foul, and for the word, pretty, I chose the word fair. Fair-weather adds another dimension to the poem. Look up the word HERE.

“Fake News,” A #Tanka

Fair-weather thoughts drift
ebbing and flowing like dreams
blinded to the truth
sailing through a narrow mind
grim dogma – a foul weapon

© 2019 Colleen M. Chesebro

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24 thoughts on ““Fake News,” #Tanka”

        1. It’s almost like a puzzle. You have to find the best words with the right number of syllables. I usually take a couple hours and play with different versions. <3

  1. Excellent poem Colleen, there is a lot of foul-/fair-weather in the media these days, That give Truth seekers a bad name.

    Much love Colleen and thank you

    1. Thanks. That’s what I think makes my chose of words more impactful. If you have to mull it over that means the reader is connecting with your writing. At least, I hope. 😀

    1. So true! I try so hard to listen and weigh both sides, but ultimately it all has to do with how a situation makes you (or your character) feel. Showing and not telling. Always important. <3

  2. I’m not a big fan of political poetry, as much of it I’ve read tends toward diatribe. However, I’ve never read any in the tanka form, which was just right for getting your message about fake news across in a meaningful way. I’m glad I stopped to read it!

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