It’s always good to go back to the basics and refresh our memories about the various syllabic poetry forms we use in our weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge. Today, let’s review how to write a Haiku. Here are a few links for you to read. Enjoy! ~Colleen~


Haiku is an ancient form of poetry invented in Japan. People focus on the syllable counts, but that’s just the basics. Here’s how to write a haiku poem.

Source: How to Write a Haiku Poem

Source: How to Write a Haiku in 4 Easy Steps

Source: How to Write a Haiku Poem: Haiku Examples and Tips

28 thoughts on “How to Write a Haiku Poem

  1. The haiku form of poetry is always lovely. Thanks for sharing these links. I like writing haikus on my own at home, but the reminder is a nice touch for some extra motivation. And yes- it’s more than syllables! It’s about finding the meaning within those few words.

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  2. Thanks so much for this post, Colleen. I’ve read and loved the powerful messages and visual imagery that the Haiku form of poetry is known for, Yet I’ve never attempted to write one. Now I plan to read the links you have so kindly provided and make an attempt at it. I’m looking forward to creating something worthy of your poetry challenge.😊

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