Colleen’s 2019 #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge Recap No. 119, “Mystery & Attract” #SynonymsOnly

Welcome to the Tanka Tuesday Poetry Recap featuring the work of poets from around the globe. If you would like to participate in this challenge, you can learn the rules in the menu item called Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Guidelines.

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Each week, I like to highlight a poet who I call the Poet of the Week, who has shared an exceptional message, or shown an impassioned creativity through words or form. Poetry is all about perception, so don’t be shocked if you don’t feel the same way about a poem that I do.

The Poet of the Week will be published in the 2019 Poet of the Week Anthology, which everyone will be able to grab as a PDF in January 2020.

My dear poetic friends. You’re really making it so hard to choose a single poem to spotlight. All your hard work is paying off. The quality of your poetry is a thrill to showcase.

This week, I’ve chosen Olga Daciuk, and her Butterfly Cinquain, called, “Interior Reflections.”

The Butterfly Cinquain is one of my favorite syllabic forms. The Butterfly Cinquain is a nine-line syllabic form with the pattern two, four, six, eight, two, eight, six, four, two. Olga’s words roll right off your tongue.

I especially like the poem centered, as it resembles the wings of a butterfly. You must visit her blog, because Olga has shared the perfect photo to accompany her words. ❤

"Interior Reflections"

Melting magic
Captive of nature’s chill
Illuminates dark surroundings 
Light flows
Transforming once mundane patterns
Into new perspective
Circling in time

©2019 Olga Daciuk
Poet of the Week: Olga Daciuk: Jan 15-20, 2019


Cold spring songs: #cinquain
Cold mist 
rises, dawn-grey; 
the unknown draws me through 
dripping, red-hawed hedges full of 

Jane Doughtery
Mystery & Attract, #Etheree
Held a charm
Untold secrets
To tempt you inside
The house waiting, silent
Read the writing on the wall
Money buried beneath the ground
Not for you to find, others will come
Touch not that which does not belong to you...

Anita Dawes
Magnetism - #Haibun
An old woman eats her grapefruit and toast quietly while her
husband reads the newspaper. The man barely skims the
words, but his actions are habit now. They know each other,
all the good and bad, and their lives conform to
bring the other happiness, ease. To shape each other, both
poles of their sexuality and senses and skill, they’d aligned
their wills long ago.

When dipoles align
Electrons court protons
No longer stranger.

The old man smiles over his newspaper, and the woman
raises the corners of her lips to match.

H.R.R. Gorman
Femme Fatal #Tanka
Alone in her room
she dons mascara and rouge
hoping to allure.
What secrets may be hidden
underneath the painted smile.

Bobby Fairfield
"Lead Us" - #Double Etheree
You were
A small child
What were your dreams
Were you encouraged
To seek them at all costs
To believe in their power
And to rejoice in the magic
Of possibilities tremendous
And so you opened your heart to receive
Good for you and good for the world at large
For it is your example that proves
We can have our heart’s desires
By nurturing tiny seeds
Placing our faith in love
All because of you
Who had some dreams
When you were
A small
©2019 Annette Rochelle Aben
Between Tides And Hurricanes, #Etheree
I clung
inside you.
Pendent between
each aching inhale.
Cautious you might breath out
and send me spinning upwards.
A helicopter seed whirling
away as if I'd never been there,
the hollow I'd leave unnoticed by you. 
These were never wing, they were always sails.
Filled up with questions I asked myself,
to keep my feet from touching down
on lands unfamiliar,
filled with strangers like me
always pulling at
something unseen,
they knew

Carol J Forrester
Woman on a Bench #Etheree
on a bench
her back to me
holds hidden secret;
energy pulls at me
toward alive familiar;
spellbound, my awareness arise
sitting alongside, I glance her way
there looking back is my intimate self

©Hélène Vaillant
"Joke," #Etheree
joke’s on you
at the expense
of me, laughably
simple, yet blind to see
tears hot and riddled by truth
crashing through this spiteful lampoon
inner voice rails with the unanswered
stricken to rise from your luring banter

Ethan Dale Eagar
"Future’s Bounty," #Shadorma
new moon
another season
the prelude
to unseen
minutes; enticing to dream
of future’s bounty

 Donna Matthews
"Grandmother," # Shadorma
The old one
Dressed in crispest beige
She Whispers
Strange, cozy
Tales of my childhood home
Living in that joy

"Mystery & Attract" #Etheree
Black cat
Witches close
Always gathers up
The unknown, the hidden
With an air enigma
They entice, allure and beguile
They are a conundrum a puzzle
Bewitching all who look into their eyes.

WillowDot 21
"You," #Tanka
So captivating
Beguiled by your enigma
A thrilling secret
Life is made so much better
By your magical allure

Trent McDonald
"Naked" #Habiun #Haiku
Nature’s enchantment
Perpetual enigma
Echoing our own

Kites hunt overhead. Iron clouds race over distant hills… a
heavy, roiling mass shrouds the dawn. The merest hint of
brightness signals the rising of the sunand wind tortured
branches writhe black against the gloom. We drive on, away
from our vantage point high above the vale, down to where
the world wakes to the half-light of a winter morning.

Snowdrops bloom on village greens, daphne and viburnum
blush, pink as our absent dawn, in the shelter of thatched
cottages. Churchyards wear drifts of snowdrops and shadowy
copses are carpeted with stars. The windflower blooms,
heralding spring before the first snow of winter.

I wonder at the contrast between the stark heights and the
cosy valley. Have we really tamed Nature and kept winter
at bay with our walls and warmth? Or is it just an illusion to
comfort hibernating minds…

Enticed by secrets
Beyond the threshold of truth
Dreamers walk naked

Sue Vincent
The Polar Shift #Nonet

sea god
and the most beguiling
deity found on earth,
rose from the bright turquoise seas
unaware that climate change had
laid waste the balmy shores he adored
as frigid gales transformed him into stone.

Colleen M. Chesebro
"Illustive loyalty"  #Tanka 
Earning loyalty
Involves years of building trust
Not money’s false lure
It is one of life’s riddles
That devotion can’t be bought

Robbie Cheadle
 'Rejuvenation' #Haibun

I have discovered the secret to eternal youth. I stand before
the mirror. With eyes almost closed the image blurs. Wrinkles
disappear. Hair regains its colour. The extra pounds fall away.
I am tall and strong. A reflection of how I used to be. I draw
the image towards me absorbing its essence.

Do not be deceived
Challenge the silver backed mirror
Remain young at heart.

Sally Cronin
untitled, #Tanka
weave into my dreams
watery visions of pearls
even as I drown
let me drift with the fishes
charmed by your silvery tail

D. Wallace Peach
 "Frozen" #Haibun
Harsh winds of winter-
Her precious vitality
hangs on by a thread

Her vibrant red hues once captivated onlookers but now, she
fades into lighter shades of coral as melancholy overwhelms
her. She mourns the loss of her friends who grew up with her
in the fields. Her tears turn to ice. She is frozen in the moment.
Her spirit resigns as the frost takes over her her petals. Her
head droops as she falls into a deep slumber. The ground
attempts to nourish her during this time. 

The sun wonders what it would take to solve this conundrum.
The sun tries to cheer her up. The sun's rays tickled the
flower. The hairs on her head and stem raise only slightly.
Darn, a futile attempt! Onerous though the flower's life may
be, spring is around the corner. Soon, she will see her perennial
friends again!

takes delicate loving care-
A new dawn awaits

Interior Reflections #Butterfly #Cinquain
Melting magic
Captive of nature’s chill
Illuminates dark surroundings 
Light flows
Transforming once mundane patterns
Into new perspective
Circling in time

Olga Daciuk
Trapped #Senryu
The Great Enigma
That She Is, Lures Me In,
Traps Me In Her Web…

the dark netizen
Alluring #Cinquain
The look
Is alluring
While catching you off guard
Tis the confidence he exudes
That chills

Dorinda Duclos
Sport  #Haiku
Nose drawn to the ground
Curious scent, nesting birds
Game, but not for long

Ben, Munro buddy and budding dog-poet
Chasing Butterflies, #Etheree
child looks
at life with 
blushed innocence
fresh as a fuzzed peach
captivated by wondrous
secrets and simple pleasures
chasing butterflies in their dreams
crooning to the bright glittering stars
lulled to sleep in the arms of the pale moon

Linda Lee Lyberg- Charmed Chaos
"Flame" #Haiku
Intrigue in your eyes
I'm drawn like a moth to flame
I must touch the fire

Jan Sikes
Russet enigma
frozen winds whisper secrets
swallows bring new hope

Carole (Piglet in Portugal)
There's Something Wrong with Emma #Sonnet
I can't compare you to another girl.
You are an enigma that frightens me.
In your eyes I see rough winds whirl,
yet your smile makes me wonder what you see.

In life alluring souls are born to shine,
and everyone dances in their sunlight.
Except you, because you plan her decline.
Perhaps she's not what she seems in your sight?

You see things in ways that others cannot.
Crazy thoughts in your head are real to you,
but in the "real" world would be a long shot.
Your madness is a thing to look into.

So long as you can breathe, and crazy spurs,
you'll sing a deadly song of gray to her.

Vashti Quiroz-Vega
"The Embrace," #Haibun
I’m afraid to disrupt the sacred theater unfolding around me,
but the spongy moss underfoot propels me forward. The bay
of water peeking through a wall of giant fir trees beckons. The
stillness throbs, and my heart races, here at the edge.

the humming portal
a voyager

I pause at the top of the stairs, hand on peeling rail. Cool air
surrounds my skin, and I hover in the moment with it. Pale orange,
pink, and blue gently mingle in the sky and again on the water,
a painting that deserves to be shown off twice. Slowly, a sleek body
glides across the surface, an enigma.


A bald eagle screeches, and its mate echoes the call across the bay.
With that invitation I eagerly make my way down to the beach.
The remnants of our fire from the night before tickle my nose,
smoky and rich despite its human origin, or can I even claim that?
The elusive swimmer, a harbor seal, keeps me in its sight.

dark eyes
reflect my own
full of questions

Three boats sleep in the water while my mind awakes to
possibility, to pulsing life, and to my presence woven into this
colorful tapestry. All preconceived notions of who I was slide
off my shoulders onto the crushed clam shells and rocks below.
A clam defiantly spouts a stream of water across the beach,
making me smile. Yes, I am ready to embrace life again.

colors burst
before my eyes
then soak into my skin
heart outstretched
it ushers in
no longer hidden

Holly Fister
"Halfwit Addict," #Senryu
Coffee scents lure me
to an empty pot, puzzled.
Crap - the well is dry.

Holly Fister
Mystery & Attract #Senryu
bewitched by candlelight
flickering in the darkness
peace bellowing

Kat Myrman
Too Tasty To Ignore! #Tanka
A pleasing parcel,
Wrapped in black jeans, tight tee-shirt,
Enigma to solve,
Beguiling but dangerous, 
Was I a fool to trust him?

Shall I start eating?
This cheeky dessert mouthful,
Or just admire it?
Fork poised in the air trembling.
Such decisions, decisions!

Marje @ Kyrosmagica
Despised Condundrum, #Haibun/Tanka
Despised Conundrum
of contentment, seduced by
Senda’s expelled sweet
plankton perfumed breath, alone-
adrift- angers salted sea.

I state my case and stand my ground. Let the sparks fly where
hey may. Ridgely invincible- I indignantly fan the flames. When
life has become too comfortable, I set my own world ablaze,
trample bridges as they burn; and from the cinders rise again.

Violet Lentz
The Books, #Double Nonet
she asks
is the sky
blue and grass green?
What does it matter,
he replies, do your chores.
Eyes downcast, she complies–but
determined to find answers—there
in those books she’s forbidden to touch–

only boys can learn to read, and then
only those with the right skin tones
or money or connections.
Still books call—enticing!
Secretly she learns–
quietly she
plots–and then
she runs

Merril Smith
Sojurned, #Double Etheree
asks nothing
of its travels,
expanding into
mosaic-lined pathways.
The way is tangled, over
grown.  It breathes green—magnified in
superimposition, molecules
scattering space into layers of songs.
Questions shrink calcified, mineralized,
undone and unspoken, visceral,
lost, unsettled by reflection.
All directions are the same.
The heart beats mesmerized,
soundless and riddled
with light, cocooned,

Kerfe - Method Two Madness
The Unknown, #Tanka
Secrets and questions
Never asked; never answered
Alone in darkness
Flickering flames on the wall
Drawn out toward the blinding light.

John Leys

Stay Tuned for Tomorrow’s Challenge!

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