Colleen’s 2019 #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge Recap No. 118, “Begin & Fresh,” #SynonymsOnly

Welcome to the Tanka Tuesday Poetry Recap featuring the work of poets from around the globe. If you would like to participate in this challenge, you can learn the rules in the menu item called Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Guidelines.

There’s been some confusion about the Poetry Challenge submission requirements. Please read the challenge post. To clear things up, I’ve explained the procedure below:

After you have written your poem and published it on your blog, please submit your poem and information on the submission form on the challenge post. I will also need the Https:// address link to your poem.

The form generates an email to me. Your submission allows me to cut and paste your poem and information from the email into the weekly recap, and then into the PDF Poet of the Week collection that you will be able to grab for free in 2020. 

Please cut and paste your poem into the submission form. Don’t just give me the link to your poem on your site. 

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Each week, I like to highlight a poet who I call the Poet of the Week, who has shared an exceptional message, or shown an impassioned creativity through words or form. Poetry is all about perception, so don’t be shocked if you don’t feel the same way about a poem that I do.

The Poet of the Week will be published in the 2019 Poet of the Week Anthology, which everyone will be able to grab as a PDF in January 2020.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed all of your uplifting poetry this week. You’re really making it hard to choose a single poem to spotlight.

This week, I’ve chosen Linda Lee Lyberg, and her Nonet/Reverse Nonet, called, A New Beginning.

This Nonet stood out to me because of Linda’s use of words that did more “showing” and not so much telling. The descriptive words enhance the poem’s theme.

Notice how easily she transitions from one Nonet to the other? The first stanza talks about the past, where the second stanza leads you to the present. The syllable count along with word choice make the words roll off your tongue.

That is called “Phonaesthetics, which derives from two Greek word parts that mean “voice-sound” and “aesthetics.” Euphony is used most commonly to describe the pleasing, agreeable sound effect of poetry.” (

A New Beginning
Colorful start to a bright new year
As the rose red sun kisses the
Horizon, wispy clouds dance
A chance to create a 
Dazzling beginning
Forget the past
Let it go.
Bask in
In thrilling
Creations of
Magical moments
Wondrous revelations
Living in the here and now
Savoring life to the fullest
Grateful for all your precious blessings.
©2019 Linda Lee Lyberg
Poet of the Week: Jan 8 -13, 2019 Linda Lee Lyberg


(Don’t see your poem here? Please submit your poetry for this challenge using the submission form on the challenge post. I no longer grab your poetry from the linkback) ❤

New Year? #nonet #doublenonet
The conductor bows, raises his hands
Music flows from the orchestra
Curtains of darkness raises
Fire lights the world’s stage
The sun lifts its head
Shadows depart
New Day
Are you there?
The days lengthen
Lonely night shortens
Is it getting better?
Is the darkness really gone?
Has the new year really commenced?
Will unfolding life really improve?

Is Spring? #CinquainPoetry
Is spring?
New start or myth?
Deep in winter’s cold grip 
memories blur of warm sun yet 
hope springs.

Jane Dougherty
Morning of Bird Song #Haiku
Old bird songs whistle
Sun blossoms o’er horizon
To launch a new day

H. R. R. Gorman
Begin & Fresh #Shadorma
Oh, young men
Can be immature
All alone
Around girls
Awkward, their introductions
Hope for second chance

©2019 Annette Rochelle Aben
New Come Slow #Cinquain
Slow start
In shallow heart
Without youthful vision
Or elevation of the soul
Made whole

The Best Start #Tanka
Commence the new year
with a positive outlook
Ban negative thoughts
from the unspoiled path ahead
Enjoy each and every day.

Robbie's Inspiration
Exposed #Nonet
My words
I create
Feelings anew
Parts of my own soul
Entirely exposed
To unknown human beings
Who somehow find my poetry
Mirrored images of their own lives

Dorinda Duclos
Begin & Fresh #Shadorma
Start anew
Gone the jaded year
Young buds peep
From the earth.
Greeting clean unsullied air
Under winter skies.

Willow Dot 21
Messengers #Etheree
Born anew
Of driven snow
Unblemished beauty
Encapsulating spring
A promise of renewal
Modest messengers of the gods
Offer hope and illumination
Shining in shadows with an inner light

Sue Vincent
Life #Nonet
Trace my lifeline from my inception
Find the core of my becoming
There you will discover me
Wrapped in a warm blanket
Held by my mother
Very closely
To her breast

Kevin - What Words May Come
Begin & Fresh #Tanka
Opening my eyes
A question appears; new birth?
Am I still dreaming
Lively, bright Vivid such cheer 
I forgot its a New Year!

My Forever 77
Winter #Haiku
A crisp cold wind blows
Snow starts swirling on mountains
Ice sparkles on trees.

John W. Leys
 "Brave Step" #Tanka
it is a brave step
withdrawn from a chance outside
that starts at my door
a walking deluge ensues
minting faces in broad snow

Ethan Dale Eagar
Grecian Grace #Haibun #Tanka
We saw it at a tourist trap in Mykonos during our honeymoon.
The vivid sunburst hue in the sky and sea caught our eye. The
iconic way the painting captured the quintessential, Greek
seaside town won us over. We could almost feel the breeze
blowing the arms of the windmill.

It has hung in our dinning room for the past fifteen years–ever
since we moved in to our house. It has born witness to our
Hellenic travels every time we’ve had family and friends around
our table. That’s thanksgiving for thirteen of the past fifteen,
a Christmas Eve or two with my immediate family, and every
meal that we’ve shared with our friends.

Each time we see it, we relive the joy of our sojourn in Greece.
It’s as though that breeze off the Aegean blows right out of the
frame to refresh us yet again.

a new reminder of when
our joy commences
another carafe of red
beside the wine-dark sea

Frank J. Tassone
Get Moving #Tanka
Time to get moving
and pick up the pace again
Christmas is over
New changes present themselves
to those who reach out for them.

Robbie Cheadle
'Initiate and Crisp' #Etheree
in our world
longer each day
to initiate
the sequence of rebirth
of all things under the earth
where dormant bulbs unfurl their shoots
pushing upwards into the crisp air
rotating buds to seek elusive sun

Sally Cronin
Beginning #Etheree
Clean fresh
Open the door
Let hope spring in
Write that new novel now
Don’t wait, time slips away fast
Thoughts like blue butterfly wings open
Remember them, note each one down
Bear your soul, dare you to be unleashed
Let new words be born from a place unknown...

Anita Dawes
Holding to the old #Haibun #Haiku
The new year celebrations are over for likes of me – specifically
for the people of my age. The religious calendar followed at
my home differs though. It will be on fourteenth that the month
of kharmas ( inauspicious days as per Hindu astrological
calculations) will be over. January fourteenth marks the accepted
and expected end of winters in my part of the country. This will
be celebrated by a bonfire , festive dinner menu and passing
gifts to the loved ones , prayers to the local gods for new crop etc.

I have never before paid attention to these rituals in the house,
except for arranging gifts assigned to me and making sure that
essential snacks are ordered online and delivered on the
mentioned date. Me and husband will wait for my mother-in-law
to prepare the sweets and once it has been offered to the gods,
it will be given to the people in the house. This year it’s not much
different but I feel compelled to honor the traditions and to know
about them more. I have a sudden urge to be a part of the
celebrations of my religion and to make them a part of my own
life , without feeling like a guest.

This January came with news of moving away from my family and
to have a new start in a faraway city. This month just got a
completely different meaning for me in terms of new year, new
month , new life perhaps. And I seek to know my roots better,
before this shift. I wish I had more time to treasure all that I
have taken for granted so far.

new chapter begins
the leaves become the roots
new flowers from old...

 "Verily, I Believe," #Haibun #Tanka
Verily, I believe in love. Not the mushy, kissy, in the movies kind of love,
but the dirty, grimy, mud on the face, fierce kind of love. The kind of love
that demands the best of you.

Verily, I believe in life. I believe in participation, awareness, and enjoying
the simple moments. The extraordinarily ordinary.

Verily, I believe in beauty which is birthed from love and life. Our love is
the mother of beauty. She’s the offspring, the love child of living.

A new day sunrise
How pretty the bloom remains
Opened days ago
Vibrant determination
Steadfast seizing of the day

Donna Matthews
Transition - #Shadorma Trio
It’s Paisley
Park.  No, it’s the dog
us, the song
unsung, tangled and unformed,
a gathered ghosting.

Do you see
the fish, wandering
in thin air?
Molecules abandoned to
endless departures.

Now exhale:
trust this unknown space.
cleanses luck,
translates possibility,
conjures shift to where.

Method Two Madness
The dog poet's first #Shadorma
Even dogs
Sense the turning of the year
Big on smells
Where soil churns, and itching roots
Launch virginal buds.

By Ben, the dog poet ©2019
Untitled, #Haiku
Thick snow starts to fall,
a new blanket of diamonds
for the frozen Queen.

Holly Fister
"Ready to Race," #Nonet
My new spikes dig into the red track,
eager to tear up some rubber.
My heart pounds as I crouch down,
blood racing through my veins.
I take my last breath-
gun to the sky-
on your marks-
get set-

Holly Fister
Clean Slate, #Etheree
we can dispense with negativity
cling to hope, remember to be kind
stay true to who we are, speak truth
celebrate diversity
though we have lost our way
it is not too late
to makes things new
it’s a

~kat Myrman~
Begin & Fresh, #Tanka
presented at her doorstep
so the writer seized
that one chance for her soul to
start a new kind of dance

Vashti Q
Messengers, #Etheree
Born anew
Of driven snow
Unblemished beauty
Encapsulating spring
A promise of renewal
Modest messengers of the gods
Offer hope and illumination
Shining in shadows with an inner light

Sue Vincent
First Blush, Dawn #Shadorma
First blush, dawn
starts each day anew--
ripe with hope
untouched by
the future, only yet glimpsed,
a shimmer of light

Merril Smith
A New Beginning, #Nonet #ReverseNonet
Colorful start to a bright new year
As the rose red sun kisses the
Horizon, wispy clouds dance
A chance to create a 
Dazzling beginning
Forget the past
Let it go.
Bask in
In thrilling
Creations of
Magical moments
Wondrous revelations
Living in the here and now
Savoring life to the fullest
Grateful for all your precious blessings.

Linda Lee Lyberg
Milestone  #Tanka
It’s that time of year
Cheesecake and a glass of wine
Good cheer with loved one
Milestone harks new beginnings
Creative spark still blooming


Thanks for all your hard work to make this challenge fun! See you tomorrow for the new challenge. Don’t forget to read the submission rules. ❤

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