New Submission Form for Colleen’s 2019 Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge

Poetry has been a passion of mine since I was a teenager. Those of you who started this challenge with me over two years ago, and those new poets who recently joined, deserve a huge hug for all your hard work and dedication. So, thanks for sharing your poetry with the world!

I know the last few years, we’ve struggled with ping-backs and the myriads of other submission issues. So, I have a solution.

I’ve update the submission rules for the Tanka Tuesday syllabic poetry challenge. Everything remains the same as far as the types of poems that you can write.

However, I have “borrowed” the submission form idea from the Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge run by Charli Mills, and I would like to thank her for the inspiration. ❤

New Submission Rules – Please read carefully:

After you have written your poem and published it on your blog, (and instead of doing ping-backs and all that nonsense) I created a form for you to cut and paste your poem into on my challenge post. The form generates an email to me. Your submission will allow me to cut and paste your poem and information from the email into the weekly recap, and then into the PDF Poet of the Week collection that you will be able to grab for free in 2020.

I’m limited in what I can change on the form, so I’ve included a key, so you understand the titles. This is what you’ll see on the Tanka Tuesday Challenge posts:

By participating in this challenge, you agree to allow me to publish your poem in a 2019 PDF collection of poetry if you are selected as the Poet of the Week. This collection will be available in January 2020 as a free download from my site.

Please do not submit anything to this form. This is just an example so you know what to expect tomorrow. Thank you.

The Poetry Challenge Recap published on Monday will now contain your poem, name, and a link to your blog. I am doing this as a courtesy to you for your participation in the challenge.

In exchange, PLEASE support the other poets by re-blogging the Weekly Recap, sharing it on social media, & commenting on the poet’s blogs.

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Here’s to another fabulous year of syllabic poetry!


35 thoughts on “New Submission Form for Colleen’s 2019 Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge

  1. Great idea Colleen. Forgive me in advance. I may be AWOL for a while as I concentrate on my edit and rewrite rather than challenges… But I’m sure it won’t be for long!
    Happy New Year Sis! 🎊🥂

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  2. I have a couple of questions. Do you no longer want pingbacks to your posts when our poems are published on our blogs? Also, haiku, Tanka, and other forms don’t usually have titles, so would it be acceptable to simply put “A Haiku” or “A Tanka” in the title field? Thank you.

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    1. That’s correct. No ping backs, please. And yes, please let me know what kind of poem it is. I want to save time with a cut and paste onto the recap and for the Poet of the Week compiliation. Happy New Year, Abbie. ❤


    1. The image is for your blog. I’m only grabbing your name, Title and type of poem, and your poem. Readers can visit your blog to see the photo. The Recap will now include your poem (Just like Carrot Ranch does on their recap). ❤

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  3. Looking good at your place, Colleen! I love the new banner. Once poets adjust to your form you will understand how much time it will save you in the collection process. I like your key to explain each field. Many blessings to you in 2019!

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