Smorgasbord Blog Magazine Christmas – The Eleventh Day of Christmas with guests Colleen Chesebro and Anne Goodwin.

Anne Goodwin and I were lucky enough to be featured on Sally Cronin’s 11th day of Christmas celebration. There’s food, great memories, drink (a little too much), and great friends. Happy Yule and Merry Christmas. ❤

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Just two more parties to go before the big day and for this celebration I am delighted to welcome writers Colleen Chesebro and Anne Goodwin, both of whom will be sharing their most precious Christmas memories.

I thought that we could not talk about Christmas without preparing something for the pets in the family. In the old days, and that was in fact only about 30 years ago, pets were fed on scraps as they had been for the thousands of years as our companions.  I appreciate that most of the animal foods available today may be rich in nutrients and full of vitality but I am afraid that I steer clear of dried food and prefer to go the natural route.

It is tempting to give pets the same treats that we enjoy but I am afraid that at Christmas treats like human chocolate are extremely dangerous. Chocolate

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    1. Thanks again, Sally. Tomorrow (Monday) it’s back to Weight Watchers for me. I’ve plumped out rather well reliving my Grandma’s baking tradition. LOL! Hugs and love. ❤

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        1. Oh, me too. I’ve gained like crazy this year. I can’t eat flour, period. I have to go back to fruits, vegetables, lean mean, and small amounts of rice. Gluten and dairy free. I’m pretty miserable. LOL! ❤

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          1. I’m there with you, Sally. I’ll be on sugar witdrawal for at least a week. Yikes. I’ll stay to myself. LOL! ❤

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