Fairy Tarot Card of the Day: Ace of Spring


I’ve been feeling unusually receptive to the vibrations of the universe the last few days. So, because of the amazing results from the election last night I decided to draw a Tarot card from my special faery deck.

For me, it was a test of my connection with the mother goddess. Could I reflect back the excitement that still resonated from last night’s victory where women were elected to take their seats in Congress by record amounts?


I drew the Ace of Spring and felt the glow of success flow through my fingertips!

The Fairy of Spring grants us opportunities that help us achieve our goals. All your hopes and goals are on a path to success. All you have to do is pull from your inner well of courage to see your dreams come to fruition. Don’t be afraid! Act now!

Are you a detail person and you feel like you don’t have everything in place like you want? Don’t worry – be daring and fearless… forge ahead. Everything will be revealed as you move forward.

Bottom line – Your new plans will be fruitful and abundant. ❤ You can do it!

follow your heart

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          1. Wow, you said a mouthful there! We need to ever be conscious of the word “gift”. It has a happy sound and a loving connotation; therefore, it is only a “gift” when it is given freely and “let it harm none”.

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    1. Thanks, Jan. Even with all the political turmoil going on, I still feel hope. We all need checks and balances. The universe is healing. ❤

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  1. The first thing that leapt out at me here was the card itself… the Ace of Spring! Is it strange to draw that card when Winter is nearly upon us? I think not! Spring is newness, green growth, the promise of fruit and flowers, the birth of hope! The women of this world are stepping forward and taking their places in the rebirth of this world. ❤

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