Colleen’s #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge Recap No. 106, “Ghost & Hollow”, #SynonymsOnly


Welcome to the Tanka Tuesday Poetry Recap featuring the work of poets from around the globe. If you would like to participate in this challenge, you can learn the rules on the menu item called Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Guidelines.

PLEASE NOTE: Don’t forget to count your syllables. Use this site: Click on the workshop tab. Then, copy and paste your poem into the box, and click “count syllables” at the bottom.

For some, this challenge is a way to learn more about writing in English, even though it’s the American version. English is a second language to many of our participants.

I also understand that accent and inflection play a key roll in the way you say certain words and this will change the syllable count. Here is my compromise: Please try to get as close to the syllable count as possible when writing these syllabic forms of poetry.

This challenge is not for free-verse poetry. ❤

Each week, I like to highlight a poet who I call the Poet of the Week, who has shared an exceptional message, or shown an impassioned creativity through words or form. Poetry is all about perception, so don’t be shocked if you don’t feel the same way about a poem that I do. ❤

Poetoftheweek new

This had to be the hardest week I’ve ever had picking a favorite poem. Poet of the Week wasn’t between just two of you… Oh, no! I really struggled. The poetry you are writing now is amazing. I’ve ** a few of the honorable mentions you really should read. It’s become a nightmare to just pick one poem, anymore.

So, I decided to go old school. This week as the Tanka Tuesday Poet of the Week, I chose Bob Fairfield’s poem, “Ghost & Hollow.” I liked his choice of words and the flow of the Tanka. I also think this is an example of a perfect Tanka poem.

I’ve been giving you words that would fit into the Halloween season to see how creative you could be, and Bob turned the morose words into something beautiful. This Tanka flows with love. Read it and see if you agree. ❤


The future beckons,

behind me lies the specter

of my empty life.

While you remain at my side

dark days are just memories.

© 2018 Bob Fairfield


You're my favorite


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Lazy Day MONDAY? Get ready for Tanka Tuesday tomorrow! See YOU there. ❤







  1. Thank you, Colleen, this is phenomenal, more and more participants. Inspiring to read it all.

    Bob Fairfield you have written a splendid tanka.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. When you *read* the post Sis, it says that I had a hard time deciding on a Poet of the Week. Those were some of the honorable mentions. LOL! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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