Memoir Bytes: – Escaping a #Sexual Predator – #WhyIDidntReport

I’ll be joining Debby Gies This Thursday. Read her memoir byte by clicking the link below. Then, join the discussion this Thursday. ❤

Debby says:

“This Thursday, October 4th from 5pm EST to 10PM, some author friends and myself will be hosting a Facebook Event – Authors Against Domestic Violence where each author gets half an hour to post and chat with visitors about issues that arise in shared conversation.

Some come to read and listen, some come to connect. This is the second year I’ve been invited to participate, and I know last year I met a few women who sent me messages and emails thanking me for helping them in some small way.

I’m happy I could do that because if I can help just one person I know I am making a difference.”

Join the discussion. ❤  Here is the link to join the event. In order to come by the event, you must have signed up to join the group ahead of time so please join up. Thanks! 😊

via Memoir Bytes: – Escaping a #Sexual Predator – #WhyIDidntReport

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