“The Mystery of Creativity,” A Tanka

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This week for my poetry challenge, I used the word “scheme” for plan, and the word, “end” for finish.

The last few weeks, when my blog was broken, kept me in a constant uproar. I think I had the first real writer’s block of my life. It’s not like I don’t have plenty to write… I’m working on two books. I just couldn’t seem to get the inspiration flowing. The words were stuck in my head, and they refused to budge.

So, I did something different to take my mind off my lack of motivation. I created an interview feature for my blog. You can read about that HERE. I believe that took the pressure off my brain to create. The following poem flowed from my soul:

the mystery of creativity

The Mystery of Creativity

The scheme has brought forth

the end of my long impasse.

I pick up the pen—

mystical forces collide

my creativity soars.


© 2018 Colleen M. Chesebro

current moodNamaste & Blessed Be. <3

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32 thoughts on ““The Mystery of Creativity,” A Tanka”

      1. I know, Colleen! Same problem over here. Work has me in its claws and the preparations for my daughter’s wedding in addition with what comes with the separation keeps me busy. But I am doing very good. Thank you, Colleen 💖

  1. It was a pleasant and productive (creative) detour that you created a new feature. Different kind of creation. It’s kind of a left brain creation and now you come back to the right brain creation. Congratulations, Colleen! <3

      1. Yes, Colleen, when I can’t use my imagination, I do maintenance. Somehow when I feel like I clear out the obstacles, clutters and organize things nicely and neatly, I feel free to play. <3

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  3. The mysterious forces behind sparking the creative spirit is a wondrous gift. Love the image of a writer’s hand penning your poem. <3

  4. Wonderful Tanka, Colleen! I think the magic is in picking up the pen. 😉 If you can push yourself to do that the writing will start and creativity will flow. Loved it! <3

  5. I enjoyed this, the feeling of being stuck on a plateau and then suddenly pushing through to the next level, the flow opening up

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