Authors – Have you Joined BookBub?


I’ve subscribed to the email for about four years garnering my fair share of free and discounted books. However, I had no idea that as an author you could join their database by adding your books for other members to discover. The site itself isn’t the most friendly but if you can get past that there are some advantages to joining.

AuthorityPub shares how to Join BookBub which then gives you the opportunity to purchase an ad with them:

How to apply:

Go to and scroll down to the bottom of the homepage.

Click on “Submit New Deal” under the Publishers and Authors column on the footer.

You can also create a BookBub author page. (This option pulls your info from Amazon.)

Fill out the form, including the price drop, dates, and Amazon links.

Add your comments (highly recommended).

They should email you back within two to three days to let you know if your book got accepted or not.

Confirm the date and schedule your promo right then and there.

It is important that you make sure that whatever book you’re pitching is available for a promo on Amazon.

They will remind you two days and one day before your BookBub promo runs.

I couldn’t afford to place an ad but I did get my books added into their database. Better yet, once you have joined their site, you can “recommend” books to other readers/authors.

If you are a book reviewer, this is an additional place where you can share your reviews in addition to Amazon and GoodReads. Take the extra step and make your reviews count! ❤

Follow-me-on-Bookbub-300X121-300x121 Click HERE to follow me on BookBub.

If you are an author on BookBub, and I have read and reviewed your books, please let me know in the comments and I will add my review and follow you. ❤

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45 thoughts on “Authors – Have you Joined BookBub?

  1. I love BookBub! Not only do they share your new releases with your follows (for free!) but you can also purchase an inexpensive pre-order notification for your followers.
    I’ve been banned from posting reviews on Amazon 😦 so now I post them on my blog, GoodReads and BookBub, who then sends an email to my followers with my book recommends which results in a soft-sell for me 🙂
    I have your Fairies, Myth and Magic on my Kindle and will share my review soon 🙂
    Here’s my link:

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  2. Thanks for the info, Colleen. They couldn’t find my author name, so I’ve had to complete a form with links to Glimpses on, and to my Twitter account. Now I need to wait for them to contact me with approval. I hope I get it. 😀

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  3. I have heard a lot about this (but, honestly, might be mistaking it for something else). I thought it was wildly difficult to get accepted into or you had to have lots of sales and/or followers or something. I’ll look into it for sure. Thanks, Colleen! ❤

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    1. Hi, Sarah. If you want to use the advertisements (I heard they are pricey) it is difficult to get accepted. Otherwise, an author you can post your books on the site. This is a fabulous way to post reviews. Just another place where other authors can see your work. I’ve been up to my eyeballs in some flooring renovations. As soon as it calms down I’ll be sending you a copy of Fairies, Myths, & Magic. ❤

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      1. Ah. Thanks! I’ve seen BookBub around the blogosphere but thought it was for “real” authors (e.g. not little ol’ me). *ahem* I’m liking the posting of reviews, though. I will DEFINITELY check it out. Much appreciated. ❤ (I have your book in ebook but, if you’d like to send, I wouldn’t say no to a signed copy from the esteemed author!)

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