Author Spotlight; Ritu Bhathal and Poetry Rituals.

An amazing interview with Ritu Bhathal! ❤

Fiction is Food

Poetry is a mysterious thing to me. Epics I have warmed to, how the minutia works is for better minds than mine. Enter Ritu, an enthusiastic poetess and successful blogger.

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        1. And thank you for all of your sharing, caring, and support. It’s the least I can do to thank you. ❤


          1. I know what you mean! Blink and half a dozen fly past, miss a day and it’s a gazillion email notifications… and that’s before we actually do any writing ourselves! 💖

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          2. I can’t even do the email anymore, so I’ve been relegated to the reader. Too many friends, so little time. ❤

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          3. I’ve toyed with doing that too. Ages ago I set up lists intending to use that reader capacity to organise who was on what. Then check each list to see what folk were doing. Must look back into that as I think WP changed its functionality!

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          4. I created a separate one just for the blog. If I miss a day it fills with hundreds. Rather pointless as I just have to mass delete lol

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